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411 Review: Services, Information, and Search Methods

Phone number directories have helped people find contact information for decades now, and one the oldest and most well-knows phone number directories are 411. The famous code allowed people to get in touch with their loved ones who lived out of state, and like many other services, it is now available online. The difference is that provides not only phone numbers and addresses but also additional information that can be very valuable in certain cases. If you are not familiar with the in-depth services provided by 411: This is the time to learn more about the website with this full review.

411 History – When Did It Start?

411 has been used since at least the 1930s in large cities across the U.S. and Canada. The number was a phone number directory that included a crossbar, a panel, and switching equipment that were installed by the well-known Bell company.

The phone number directory in smaller cities was the 1-1-3, and it was used until the 1960s in most small areas. With the 4-1-1 directory, operators were able to connect people with one another by directing their call to the phone number they wanted to call. Before people dialed the number they wanted to reach, they had to call 4-1-1 or 0 if they wanted to get an operator.

Over the years and with the introduction of competitive phone companies and directories, the 4-1-1 directory was replaced, and people were able to call long-distance directly or by dialing the necessary directory for the area in question, like 555.


411 Today

The 411 directory has become increasingly less popular, but the number is still used these days and it is synonymous with getting information about people. Like with the Yellow Pages that turned into online White Pages, the 411 is also available on the internet at

The special directory provides several online services that can help you track down information, and it also redirects to additional services that allow users to perform background checks on others. Services

411 person search – a popular service with which people can find contact information of people and businesses with just a few keystrokes. To use the service, users must provide the name of the person they are searching for and the said person's city/state/zip code of residence. Once this data is entered, the 411-person search directory will perform a search and provide the user with the phone number of the person he/she is searching for.

411 people search

411 reverse phone directory – a service that allows users to find data about people based on their phone numbers. Once you enter a phone number into this directory, the 411 reverse phone search will begin – at the end of the search you will get information about the person you searched, like their full name, address, and additional information we will discuss further on.

411 Reverse Phone

411 reverse address search – a search similar to the 411 reverse phone search; be entering the address of a person whose information you want to find, you will be able to get data about them, like their full name, phone number, and more. address search

411 business information search – if you need to find information about local or national businesses, you need to enter the name of the said business and their city/state/zip code.

411 Public Records and Background Check

As we mentioned, the 411 directories are connected to white pages and yellow pages; yellow pages provide contact information about people in all 50 states, but the WhitePages directory provides much more information. The data in this directory gathers information from public records, which are records that are maintained by official authorities in the country. From the moment a person is born, data about him/her is gathered to special files that are kept both online and offline. Such records include birth records, marriage records, divorce records, contact data, criminal records, convictions, traffic violations, and additional information.

Under the Freedom of Information Act in the U.S., certain personal records are made public, which is why they are called 'public records'. The 411 reverse searches and the WhitePages directory are connected to public records, so when using these services, you get connected to people's personal information. So, if you have one piece of information about a certain person, you will be able to get a complete public records' report about them in no time by using 411. In which situation does the service come in handy? Here are a few:

Dating – whether you met someone online or offline, it is important to make sure they are honest about who they are. By using the 411 reverse phone directory of the reverse phone search on WhitePages, you will get information about people you are dating. The search will reveal people's names, their contact information, their marital status, their criminal past, whether they are registered sex offenders, and much more.


New neighbors – if you moved in/thinking about moving into a new home, or if a new neighbor has moved in next to you, a public records search will help you discover information about their past and whether they might pose a threat to you and your family.

Past connections – many people lose touch with friends and even family members. Reverse public records search directories can help you track down people from your past by backtracking the data you provide; with the help of a reverse public records search, you will find people by providing very few details about them.

These are just a few examples of how you can use the website and its related directories. The advantage of this type of public records' search is that it's free and quick, so you will find the information you need in no time at all. If you need to use advanced search tools, they are available to you on WhitePages, and you can learn more about the website and its various memberships with our fill WhitePages review.

yellow pages

411 Review – the Bottom Line

Like with similar websites, you will get quick reports about the people that you are searching for when using The results are quick and accurate, which is what you want with a people search. One of the biggest complaints people had about 411 is that it charges money for some services. The reason is that getting access to millions of public records, upkeeping a website, and providing users with customer support service costs money.

So, 411 will charge you when using advanced search tools. If you want a free people to search service, there are free background check websites that you can use, but keep in mind that they do not have full access to public records. So, to sum up, 411 is great for finding contact information, and if you are willing to shell out a few bucks, you will be able to get even more data about the people in your life. Here are some 411 reviews takes from www.sitejabber:

 - "Gives me the latest on what I need'

 - "Great website that combines online Yellow Pages, White Pages, People Finder, and more!"

 - "Love this site. You can 'reverse look-up' a phone number; look up a phone number to see who it belongs to, and do the same with an address; to find it's phone number. I use it when I'm hunting for jobs, sometimes the only info I get from the job listing is a phone number so I'll look it up to see what the company name is. You can even look up fax numbers!"

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