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Activate Verizon Phone on Your Own with This Guide

by Roni G.

Activate Verizon Phone, Verizon Activate New Phone

How to Activate a Verizon Phone by Yourself

Thinking about changing your phone to a Verizon phone? Indeed, your phone is only as good as the network it's on, and Verizon's network is consistently rated best wireless provider in the United States. It has the best coverage in the country and super-fast speeds.

But if you think that you will be getting an activated phone, think again. You will have to activate it yourself, meaning you need to learn how to do it. Let us find out how.

In fact, you have three ways to get your phone activated. The first one is to visit the nearest store selling Verizon phones. The other two are listed below.

But first and foremost, make sure you do the following:

  • Save contacts and content from your old phone
  • If switching from iPhone turn off iMessage
  • Ensure both phones are powered down
Then proceed with the activation.

1. Activation of your new Verizon device through an online process.
  • To activate your Verizon phone online, you need to create an account called My Verizon on the company's website.
  • Once the account is created, click on the Activate button and the Switch button. Another way is to bring up the device on to the My Verizon site.
  • There will be an "Activate a Device on an Existing Line" button and you have to click on it.
  • You should then click the particular line on which you wish your phone to be activated.

    Activate Verizon Phone 
  • The next step is to check the device is compatible. Verizon will carry out this checking task to make sure that your phone is compatible with the line and the current plan you have chosen.
  • You will now have two options. If the device has already been used on the account you have, click "Yes." Otherwise, click "No." This means that if this is your first time activating or setting up the device with your account, you should click "No."
  • Then type the ID of your device.
  • You should then click on the "Check Device" button.
  • The next step is to authorize the activation. For this, Verizon will text you a unique code, on the phone you intend to activate. Click on the "Text Me the Code" button to receive it.
  • Once you get the code, you should type it in the "Online Authorization Code" field and click on the "Confirm" button.
  • Checking your SIM card is the next step. If you need help locating your SIM or the ID number, click on "Finding Your SIM Card" and "SIM ID" buttons. If you want a new SIM, you can place an order as well, which you can do by clicking on "Add to Cart."

By typing the ID number of your SIM and clicking on "Check ID" button, and on the "Confirm" button, you can approve the changes you have made. This is the end of the process of activating your new Verizon device online.

Verizon Activate New Phone

2. Activation of your new Verizon device via telephone.

If you are not confident of carrying out the online activation process of your new Verizon device, worry not. You can activate it via telephone as well. Just make sure you have your SIM, your receipt, and your phone ready before beginning the process.

  • The first step is to call Verizon phone activation number by dialing (877) 807-4646, from any phone. 
  • You will get a number of prompts and if you follow them accurately, you can get your wireless service activated.
  • Press 1 to activate a new phone
  • Enter the 10-digit mobile number assigned to the phone when prompted.
  • Enter the last four numbers of your social security number.
  • Verizon Wireless will start sending signals to activate the phone.
  • You should then insert your SIM into the new Verizon device. The procedure to be followed to insert the SIM may vary from one device to another. You should, therefore, refer to the user-guide that has been provided along with the device.
  • You can then insert the device's battery and put the cover at the back of the device.
  • Charge the device. This is the end of the activation process by using Verizon phone activation number, which means you can start using the phone from then on.

What number to activate Verizon phone.

To activate a phone with a new SIM card through Verizon phone activation number, call (877) 807-4646.

verizon activation
3. Activation by My Verizon App.

You can also activate your phone via My Verizon app using the company's app.

  • First, you will have to download the app My Verizon and open it on your phone.
  • Click the button to connect.
  • As asked, choose the type of device you're adding.
  • Continue with choosing the device's operating system.
  • Enter the device ID.
  • Your devise should now be activated. You can make a test phone call to try your new services!

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Whether you choose to activate your Verizon phone through an online process, or to use Verizon phone activation number or even My Verizon app, you will access the best wireless services. Verizon covers 98% of the United States population and more than 2.56 million square miles, as well as 326.5 million people. Activate your Verizon phone without waiting!

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Verizon Customer Reviews

Here are a few recent Verizon phone reviews to help you decide if Verison is right for you:

- "
Usually dealing with the call center reps for mobile network carriers is a nightmare. [...] Well, not with Verizon.!!! I switched from Cricket Wireless which I subscribed to for the last five years over to Verizon about two months ago. [...] Verizon is over three times as expensive per month but my goodness is it worth it. Not only are the wireless and cellular network services so much faster than any other carrier I have used, but the call center guys are the nicest and most helpful people I've ever had to deal with! They broke down my issue for me, walked me thru it step by step even though it was uncomplicated and probably would take most people 2 minutes to get they it he stayed on with my for 42 minutes, taking tons of time with me to help me understand and answered all my stupid questions. He then helped me cut down on some services I was paying for which I didn't really want or need, and then set up a payment arrangement and waived the payment fee for me since it was going to add more to my balance owed than how much he had cut off my bill in the first place. I love Verizon and I will never switch again no matter how ridiculously expensive it gets. It's actually worth the money, like for real. :)"

- "I had been with a competing wireless carrier for 10 years. [...] I finally realized that I had been a fool to stay so long with this other company. I researched my options and chose Verizon to switch to. What a pleasant surprise. After getting my new phone, the Verizon store was eager to help me get set up. The salesperson has called me a few times to be sure I was getting everything I expected from my new phone and carrier. The reception is amazing everywhere. I have not had one issue in three months."


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