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Activate Verizon Phone on Your Own with This Guide

by Roni G.

Activate Verizon Phone, Verizon Activate New Phone

How to Activate a Verizon Phone by Yourself

You, like everyone, may be amazed by the pace at which developments on the technological front have been taking place. Though you may not be able to have or enjoy all the benefits of such developments, there are certain things you may not wish to miss. One such development is the phone that has been brought out by Verizon. You may decide to buy this phone for your use.

But if you think that you will be getting an activated phone, you are wrong. You have to to get it activated. This means that you should know or learn how you can activate the new Verizon device you have acquired. Let us find out how you can do it.

In fact, you have three ways to get your phone activated. The first one is that you have to visit the nearest store that sells Verizon phones for getting your device activated. There are two other ways as well and these ways can save the time and energy you have to expend for visiting the store.

1. Activation of your new Verizon device through an online process.

- For activating your Verizon phone online, you need to create an account called My Verizon on the website of the company.

- Once the account is created, you have to click on the Activate button and the Switch button. Another way is to bring the device on to the My Verizon site.

- There will be an "Activate a Device on an Existing Line" button and you have to click on it.

- You should then click the particular line in which you wish that your phone should be activated.

Activate Verizon Phone

- Checking the device for making sure that it is compatible is the next step. Verizon will carry out this checking task to make sure that your phone is compatible with the line and the current plan you have chosen.

- You will now have two options. If the device has already been used on the account you have, you have to click "Yes." Otherwise, you have to click "No." This means that if this is first-time activation or setting up of the device with the account you have, you must click "No."

- The next step is to type the ID of your device.

- You should then click on the "Check Device" button.

- The next step is to authorize the activation. For this, Verizon will be texting you a unique code that will be received on the phone you intend to activate. By clicking on the phone on which you want Verizon to send the code, and by clicking on "Text Me the Code" button, you can get the code.

- Once the code is received, you should type it in the "Online Authorization Code" field.

- You must then click on the "Confirm" button.

- Checking your SIM card is the next step. In case you want to have help to locate your SIM or the ID number, you have to click on "Finding Your SIM Card" and "SIM ID" buttons. If you want a new SIM, you can place an order as well for which you have to click on "Add to Cart." 

By typing the ID number of your SIM and clicking on "Check ID" button, and on the "Confirm" button, you can approve the changes you have made. This is the end of the process of activating your new Verizon device online.

Verizon Activate New Phone

2. Activation of your new Verizon device via telephone.

If you are not confident of carrying out the online activation process of your new Verizon device, you need not to worry because you can activate it via telephone as well. But you must keep your SIM, your receipt, and your phone ready before beginning the process.

- The first step is to dial (877) 807-4646 for which you can use any phone.

- You will get a number of prompts and if you follow them accurately, you can get your wireless service activated.

- You should then insert your SIM into the new Verizon device. The procedure to be followed for inserting the SIM may vary from one device to another. You should, therefore, refer to the user-guide that has been provided along with the device.

- You can then insert the device's battery and put the cover at the back of the device.

- You have to then charge the device. This is the end of the activation process which means you can start using the phone from then on.

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