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Most Addicting Games for 2018

by Malik R.

Addicting Video Games, Video Games Addiction

10 Most Addicting Games in 2018

Video games have evolved into the most popular medium of the new age. Video games have come due to developments in multiple digital technologies and media such as video recording, computer animation, AI and sound engineering. While the cinema came about as the medium of the previous age due to the development of the camera, video games have established themselves as the most dominant medium due to the development of computers.

Electronic entertainment media such as video games are a step ahead of traditional media such as cinema and books. One of the main features which separate video games from other media is immersion. In traditional media such as movies, the experience is only in one direction. The viewer sees the movie and experiences everything that is projected at the screen. In video games this interaction is two ways, on one hand the player is experiencing images and sounds on the screen, on the other hand, the player also has some control over what is happening on the screen. This control of narrative of the medium provides immersion.

Immersion and addiction

Video games are the most immersive media of this generation. Games have been one of the most popular forms of passing time even before the creation of video games. Every family with children had numerous board games and which even grown-ups indulged in. Added to this, there were many card games and other kinds of board games that have always been popular with adults.

The birth of computers allowed programmers and game developers to shift the world of games to the realm of computers. This not only resulted in digitally animated card and board games, but developments in graphics lead to the creation of games with stories and more complex and free gameplay. While initially games were simple text based programs, today there are racing and adventure games with cinematic effects and gameplay emulating real-life. Immersion here is created by the proper merging of aesthetic elements such as design and sound with the core gameplay mechanic. This merging imparts of sense of being present in the world of video games. One can conclude that this effect immersion is what makes video games extremely addictive.

addicting video games

Most addictive games of 2018

Mentioned below is a list of the most addictive games as of the year 2018.

  • Warframe- Released back in 2013, Warframe grew over the years with constant updates and patches into the one of the most played games on Steam. This third-person, melee-shooter has more to it than meets the eye.
  • Fortnite- Everyone has heard about Fortnite and its raging success with young children. This third-person shooter and base-builder has recently added a battle royal mode which has broken all records of popularity.
  • PlayersUnknown’s Battleground- PlayersUnknown’s Battleground was the first videogame to adopt the battle royale format. The rush provided by fighting against a hundred players in the same map is main reason behind its popularity.
  • Dark Souls Remastered- Just like its predecessors, the remastered edition of the first game features intense PvP combat. Dark Souls has always been a fan-favorite due its realistic yet stylish melee combat system.
  • Dota 2- Combining the characters of the World of Warcraft and the gameplay of Diablo, Dota 2 is one of the most addictive competitive online games on the market.
  • Overwatch- Overwatch has seen unparalleled success since its release and its addictive nature can be attributed to the fast-paced gameplay and its unique characters.
  • Destiny 2- Destiny 2 was released in September 207 and like its predecessor is one of the most popular online multiplayer shooter.
  • Final Fantasy XV- Squaresoft finally released a respectable addition to the Final Fantasy franchise with the release of FF XV. This game has risen rapidly in ranks as one of the most addictive and popular videogames of the year.
  • Rainbow Six: Siege- With over 25 million players, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is still dominating the steam lists as one of the most addictive games ever.
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