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Best Health Insurance Companies in Alaska

by Keren P.

Health Insurance Alaska, Alaska Health Insurance

What are the Best Health Insurance Options in Alaska

The health insurance exchange landscape in Alaska has multiple avenues through which both families and individuals could purchase healthcare insurance plans. All Alaskan residents who have no access to employer-sponsored coverage could shop for any healthcare plan in the state's private marketplace.

The same could be done via federal marketplace exchange. Eligible individuals could apply for any public health plan like CHIP and Medicaid. Free quotes are available at HealthCare.Org for individual Obamacare or ACA insurance plans. The website also offers quality access to health term insurance in the shorter term. The same can also give access to Medicaid information and health plans made for small employers.

Health insurance scenario

Alaska presently has three health insurance resources: AK Health Reform, Denali KidCare, and Alaska Comprehensive Health Insurance Association. The last was the creation of Alaska State Legislature. The intention was to offer health insurance coverage access to all state residents who are not able to obtain any individual health insurance.

Health Insurance Alaska

Alaska chose to use the federal health insurance marketplace when it came to exchanging enrollment. The open enrollment applicable for coverage in 2019 ended December 15. Enrollment, however, continue to be a possibility for Alaskans having qualifying events. The state's short term health plans have initial plan terms for a period of up to 364 days. Premera –the single insurer- provides on-exchange coverage. Approximately 18,000 Alaskans enrolled themselves in 2018 using the exchange. The state adopted the expansion of Medicaid in 2015 and defaulted to federal rules governing short-term health insurance. The end of 2018 witnessed approximately 97,000 Alaskans getting enrolled in Medicare.


The state of Alaska was among 26 states which went to the choice of using the federal health insurance marketplace. Alaska replied in the negative to federal funding when it came first to evaluate and then implement the marketplace. It was also one of the pioneer states to make the announcement that it would allow the federal government to take responsibility for the marketplace. 

Enrollment plans

The 2019 enrollment plans via ended December 15. Enrollment, however, can be done by Alaskans who may have qualifying events.  Approximately 18,313 individuals signed for coverage in the state exchange. This was approximately four percent less than 2017 open enrollment period when 19,415 people signed up.

Alaska Health Insurance

When it comes to the plan year 2019, it is not possible to apply for Shared Responsibility Payment. In case a resident of the state does not enjoy coverage in 2019, there is no requirement for an exemption so that the penalty can be avoided.

If an Alaskan 30 or older, then that person must claim hardship exemption to get enrolled in a 2019 “Catastrophic” plan. This health plan provides coverage at a lower price which principally protects the insured person from steep medical expenses in-case you get seriously injured or physically hurt. The marketplace offers a list of the insurance companies retailing Catastrophic plans. The same can be searched for in

To get the hardship exemption, a person must prove that he or she is homeless. It is also applicable for those who face foreclosure or eviction or already evicted. Another requirement is a notice of utility shut -off from any utility company. This exemption is also offered to domestic violence victims. Any person affected by the death of a close family member is also eligible for exemption. Persons who went through the suffering of floods, fires, or any other disaster, whether man-made or natural are eligible if that above reasons substantially damaged the property. It is also given to people who have bankruptcy filings. The exemptions are also for those who were unable to pay medical expenses and thus now in considerable debt.

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