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Alaska Employment Law Explained in Full

by Rick S.

Alaska Employment Law, Alaska Employment Laws
Alaska Employment Laws: What are Employment Laws in Alaska?
Alaska has employment laws that are established, and they provide greater protections to employees than the federal law. The employment laws in Alaska include laws about higher minimum wage, but it generally sets its laws concerning the federal regulations set concerning subjects such as occupational safety.

Personnel files accessible
The employment laws in Alaska requires an employer to provide their latest employees and former employees with a chance to review and make copies of their personnel records during regular business hours. The employer can create reasonable rules and charge a reasonable copying fee.

Employee drug testing
Alaska employers are not restricted from testing prospective employees for the presence of drugs, and they have the authority to refuse to hire applicants based on a positive drug test or defiance to submit to a drug test. The law does not need an applicant to undergo drug testing, but an employer who decides to do so must proceed with the law's requirements, such as providing the applicants with a prior notice that they will be subjected to a test and paying the entire actual costs that are related to the testing.

Alaska Employment Law

Overtime pay

It is mandatory for employers to pay nonexempt employees overtime for all hours worked more than 40 hours in a workweek and more than eight hours in a workday according to the Alaska Wage and Hour Act. An employer, however, is not obligated to pay both daily overtime and weekly overtime for the same hours worked.

Child Labor
The child labor laws in Alaska restrict the occupations in which it is illegal for minors to work and the number of hours and times during which they may work.

All minors are generally banned from working in hazardous occupations, and 14 and 15-year-old children are banned from working in a variety of other professions such as manufacturing and transportation.
At-will Employment
Employers in at-will employment states can fire employees at any time and for any reason, and sometimes even for no reason at all, provided they aren’t violating some exceptions to the at-will employment concept. Along with this, the employees in Alaska’s employees are legally free to quit a position at any time, and for any reason, there are, however, many notable exceptions.

Alaska Employment Laws

Payment of salary
In Alaska, an employer is obligated to pay the full amount of wages that is due to employees in the form of cash, negotiable checks, or orders that are payable without discount by a bank within the state. If specific conditions are met, wages could be paid by direct deposit.

Rate of pay
A contract can be drawn between an employer and employee to agree to the terms of employment to monthly pay periods. In another case, the employer must establish monthly or semi-monthly pay periods, as chosen by employees.

Wrongful Termination
There are exceptions to the at-will employment state, and they exist to prohibit employers from taking advantage of the relationship with any or certain types of employees. Generally, Alaska’s employers are free to fire employees for any reason they see fit, as long as there is not an existing employment contract. It is critical that employers in Alaska are capable of fully comprehending  Alaska’s wrongful termination laws to ensure that they continue to stay on the right side of the law and reduce the risk of getting sued by their employees.

Pay Statements
According to the Alaska employment laws, it is mandatory for employers to provide employees with pay statements of their earnings and deductions for each financial pay period. The report should include specific detailed information, such as rate of pay, gross and net wages, and straight and overtime hours worked.


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