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All the Amazing iPad Features You Have to Know!

by Garry S.

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All the Things the iPad Can Do

iPads are starting to become very popular. If your friends and family members are asking you to go and get yourself an iPad, but you are still wondering why you need one, it’s time to educate yourself on all the things that an iPad can do for you.

An iPad is very useful, and one of the ways to utilize it to its full potential is to educate yourself on its unique features and utility value.

Here are all the things that your iPad can do:

Alternative to Your Desktop PC, Laptop

Your iPad can perform all computing tasks, just like your laptop or Desktop PC. You can browse the internet, check your email, and even connect your iPad to Facebook so that the apps you download can connect to the social network.

Other miscellaneous functions like downloading a calculator, using the Notes program (with fingerprint security), searching for a nice restaurant using Yelp, or using a level app to hang a photograph on the wall is all possible with an iPad.

You will be surprised how little you use your laptop desktop PC after you have bought yourself an iPad. It is now becoming easier to break free from Windows as more firms convert their platform to the web.


Another advantage that an iPad has over desktop PC’s and laptops is that it is more comfortable to use on the bed. Further, the iPad can also reduce the amount of Blue light in the night, because of which you will not be straining your eyes.

PowerPoint Presentations, Excel Spreadsheets

Costing approximately $10, the iWork suite application (known as Keynote) can be bought from the iStore. The Keynote, which is comparable to Apple’s Powerpoint is simple to use and help users prepare beautiful and striking presentations.

Though it is possible to import Powerpoint presentations to iWork, you cannot export iWork presentations directly from the iPad to Microsoft Office. You will be required to sync the iPad file to your desktop computer in order to do that.

There is also a solution for all those who want to use Excel spreadsheets on your iPad. iWork suite’s $10 application, called Numbers does exactly what spreadsheets do, in the Apple way!

Since Numbers accept spreadsheets, you can open and edit them. However, in order to export natively to Excel from the iPad, you will be required to sync to a desktop and export the file from the Numbers’ MAC installation.

iPad on Social Networking Sites

iPad can add to the experience while you are on social networking sites. In fact, iPad works very well on Instagram since pictures posted on Instagram via iPad looks extremely beautiful. That is because the iPad's screen runs at a higher resolution than most monitors.

Steve Jobs apparently was not supportive of the idea of an app store, as he was of the opinion that web apps are more than sufficient. So, App store is nothing but advanced web apps as it can do a lot more than a web page. In many cases, however, they simply function as a website's portal on the iPad.

Apple iPad

Enjoy a Unique Gaming Experience on Your iPad

While iPads are usually best known for casual games like Temple Run and Candy Crush, it is now in a position to satisfy the gaming appetite of hardcore gamers as well. The all-new iPad has as much graphics power as a PlayStation 3 or an XBOX 360 apart from the processing power of most PCs and laptops. iPad's touch-based controls in games such as Infinity Blade gives a great experience for gaming enthusiasts.

Watch TV, Films, and YouTube on iPad

This is an area where iPads excel. You can comfortably watch TV, movies, and YouTube on iPad. You can either rent or buy from iTunes, stream films from Hulu Plus or Netflix or watch free films on Crackle. iPads support both downloadable YouTube app and Safari browser even though does not support Flash video.

Apart from video streaming, it is also possible to "sling" the video from your cable box to your iPad using Vulkano Flow and SlingPlayer.

Other Things an iPad can Do

Whether you want to do video conferencing, read a book online, scan and print documents, or create and record music, an iPad can perform many functions and make computing and browsing easy and comfortable for you.

You can also connect your musical instruments, accept credit cards, use it as a GPS, and write a letter among many other things.


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