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Amarillo Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Ethel M.

Amarillo Police Departments, City of Amarillo Police Department

Amarillo Police Departments Information

The city of Amarillo Police Department is among the progressive and professional police departments in the United States. The service offered by the Amarillo police is the perfect blend of traditional police patrol and the intervention of specialized programs and units.

Citizens of Amarillo are protected and served by a police department which aspires to remain a recognizable and an operative asset to the community. Leading by example, the Amarillo police department has consistently adhered to the Best Practices Recognition Program standards for the third time.

The Mission Statement of the Amarillo Police Department

The central mission of the Amarillo police department is to deliver superlative law enforcement and public service. The Amarillo police department believes in the safety of its citizens and the city, as a whole. How does the police department adhere to its core values? The answer to this question lies in the consistent following of the best practices in law enforcement, progressive upgrade of leadership, partnering with the most important stakeholders being the citizens, and thorough professionalism.
Amarillo Police Departments

Every member of the Amarillo police department treads the unwavering path of supreme ethical standards. Lead from the core values of Truth, Honor, Service, Integrity, Leadership, and Courage, they are committed to sustaining the trust of the community. The police department maintains the utmost respect for every individual’s right and the entire community’s needs as outlined by the Constitution of the State of Texas and the United States of America.

The Core Values of the Amarillo Police Department

Truth: Truth is the only ultimate solace for the human soul. The police department strives to resolve all issues truthfully to safeguard the trust placed in it by the community. All the members of the Amarillo police department are committed to transparent conduct of business.

Honor: Where there is the truth, honor will follow. The Amarillo police department maintains honor in their professional as well as personal lives. The department’s honor is reflected in the professional and personal pride of the Amarillo police.

Service: The corner-stone of the police department is service to the city of Amarillo. This ensures the unbiased wellbeing of all the citizens. The overall health of the community is ensured by understanding everyone's needs.

Integrity: The spine of the Amarillo police department is strong morals and ethical values. The conduct of the police department is mirrored in its deep-rooted faith of professional integrity.

City of Amarillo Police Department

Leadership: A city looks to its law enforcement officers to ensure safety. A leader must also accept responsibility for the entire city. Every member of the police department shows the trait of leadership by partaking in mentorship programs.

Courage: The core of the Amarillo police department is courage, be it moral, mental or physical strength to surpass fear and stay on the path of righteousness.

Contacting the Amarillo Police Department

Accessing Open records is achieved in three ways:
  1. The simplest being writing to the Amarillo Police Department, Attn: Open Records, 200 SE 3rd St, Amarillo, Texas, 79101
  2. Amarillo police department email:
If you’re in the neighborhood, you can drop in and place a request for open records.

Want to report an incident? Contact the Amarillo police department at (806-3783031. You can report an incident online by clicking here. The site offers a variety of incidents from Bridge/CPS reporting, credit card abuse, debit card abuse, employer/employee theft, and others through a click of a mouse. If you witness an accident, or in the case of an emergency, report the same by clicking here.


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