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When you are looking to track your roots and build a family tree, it is usually very difficult to get beyond a grandparent without the help of a genealogy website. These sites provide their users with access to genealogy records, which usually come in the form of censuses, birth and death certificates, army records and more.

One of the most popular genealogy sites is This article will show you how works, what services it offers and for what cost. Reviews: What is How Does Works? What are the Websites Pricing and Services? Overview is the largest for-profit genealogy company in the world based in Lehi, Utah. According to the company’s claims, they have access to 20 billion records from over 80 countries of origin, have more than 3 million subscribers, and have sold more than 16 million DNA kits. also claims to manage about 10 petabytes of data ( A petabyte is 1 million gigabytes), including billions of records detailing births, marriages, deaths, military service, and immigration. Ancestry has over 1,700 employees around the globe split between Utah, San Francisco, and Dublin, Ireland. is most well known for their DNA kit and family tree building tool, but also provide many other tools which assist people who are doing research on their family and genealogy line. Services offers a number of services to its users, and some services even if you are not a subscriber. 

Family Tree Builder- The family tree builder on is free to use, and you can import previous data into Ancestry easily. The family tree tool of brings together billions of historical records, millions of family trees, and family researchers, but in order to get in touch with other users or view records of people in your family tree, you will need to purchase a subscription plan.

These records can include birth, marriage, divorce and death records as well as immigration records and censuses conducted by the government. The paid service is very intuitive and helpful, offering hints whenever there may be a match to another family tree or a record in their database. Reviews

AncestryDNA- offers a DNA test that is rated as one of the best on the market. AncestryDNA uses advanced genomic science to help members discover details about their family history. When receiving results you can connect to more precise regions, and gain insights into personality traits. When signing up for the option to be able to get in touch with relatives, has a massive database of people who have used their DNA kits and you can get in touch with your relatives who you were unaware of. 

Ancestry Health- has recently announced that it will have added a genetic health option to its commercial DNA tests. Two tests will be available for purchase, an AncestryHealth Core test, which will provide you with one set of results, and an AncestryHealth Plus test, which will provide you with more detailed results. 

Both of these tests check for genes that are commonly associated with diseases, including the breast and ovarian cancer risk indicators as well as genes associated with other health traits such as lactose intolerance. Pricing offers a free trial for its users which lasts for two weeks after which you will need to become a member to continue to use the product. Keep in mind that you need to purchase a membership to access special features and services, you can use some of the features of for free, they are most known for their family tree tool. has three different tiers of membership: 

US Discovery- This option provides you with all US records on the website and will cost you 24.99 a month or 99 dollars for a 6-month membership which will save you 50 dollars. 

World Explorer- This option will give you access to all US and International records on the site and costs 39.99 per month or 149 dollars for 6 months which will save you 90 dollars. 

All Access- The most expensive option provides you access to everything on the website including US and International records, a subscription to and 

AncestryDNA- This is the basic DNA test that will provide you with details about your ethnicity, historical & geographic insights and will help you discover DNA matches. This test costs 99$.

AncestryHealth 149$- This DNA test in addition to providing you with the results of a regular Ancestry DNA test will give you insights about your well-being.

How Does Work?

Ancestry- To use the family tree builder you will need to create an online account. Once you do so you will be able to start building your family tree. You can start with yourself and add your parents, grandparents, dates, locations. Providing every detail helps with matching someone in your tree to someone else’s family tree so you can expand together. Reviews

Whenever thinks they have found a record for the person you have added based on the year, location and name a green leaf will show up indicating there is a hint for this person. This hint leads to the record/records which you can then view if you have a subscription. 

AncestryDNA- To use Ancestry DNA, you will need to purchase an AncestryDNA kit online. You will then receive a DNA kit in the mail that includes a sample tube, a pre-paid envelope to mail your sample to us, a unique activation code, and instructions for how it all works.

Once you receive your kit, you will also need to create an online account if you don’t already have one. Each AncestryDNA kit has to be linked with only one account. You will need to insert the activation code into your ancestry account and then the two will be linked. You will need to fill the enclosed tube with saliva up to the indicated line and close the top until a blue fluid is released which will preserve your DNA. Seal the envelope and mail it back to 

After receives your DNA kit, their lab uses a process to isolate your DNA from your saliva sample. The DNA test which is used at Ancestry tests both sides of your genes from the mother's side and fathers, and gives you a detailed picture of who you are and where you’re from.



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