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AnyList: Review of Grocery App AnyList and its Best Features!

by Rick S.

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AnyList Review: Get to Know the Grocery App

Organizing and building grocery lists was once an experience reserved exclusively for the pen and paper. Clever shoppers would make sure to jot down everything they need for the week, lest they forget and this is a habit that has lasted through the years. As the world develops technologically, many pastimes that were deemed as necessary are being relegated to artificial intelligence and smart technology. Grocery list app shopping is no different, and people living in the modern era have the option of delegating the responsibility of organizing their meals for the week to whichever smart device is the closest to them at the time.

With multi-platform capability, the AnyList app is a revolution in list making. It has a built-in database of food items that users can utilize when making their lists. They also have the option of manually inputting ingredients not stored within the app, a feature that is especially true for users who use specialized or regional ingredients. The app also allows users to copy paste entire recipes from the internet, or manually type in recipes, which they can later share with their family and friends.


AnyList is powerful software that turns to organize weekly meal prepping and grocery shopping from a chore into a ready-made list for users. A free software, all users need is a working e-mail address to open the doors to effective food organization and planning.

What are the best features of the AnyList app?

AnyList is a powerful tool for organizing weekly cooking and groceries. It is simple to use and effectively takes care of illustrating grocery lists and storing recipes for the user. In addition to this, AnyList also lets users make different lists according to their needs, which are all displayed in an effective manner to ensure clarity. Users can make lists for everything and anything from beverages to breakfast foods, meat to bread, dinner to celebrations and more.

  • Cross off the List: AnyList users utilize lists that ensure that they do not forget any of the essential ingredients they need. To make the process of grocery shopping even easier for its users, AnyList crosses off all the ingredients that have already been bought, leaving only those that are left for purchase. Such visual representation immediately lets the user know what they have to buy. All users have to do is tap an item after they have purchased it, and this will immediately strike that item off the list.
AnyList App
  • Recipes Galore: The app automatically sorts items that users add into their lists into lists. Users can make their custom lists and move ingredients between them. The app also allows users to mark certain ingredients as favorites, move ingredients between lists, copy ingredients to existing and new lists as well as make color themes to go with different lists. The app is also a powerful repository of recipes. Recipes can be inputted into the app from both emails as well as websites. They can also be entered manually. These recipes can be shared with anyone the user likes.
  • Free vs. Paid: It is well known that paid features are always better than their free counterparts, but when it comes to AnyList, the paid features are powerful enough to be worth the purchase. An example of this is how the paid version provides support for browsers that allow users to import recipes at the touch of a button. Paid users can also add pictures to their recipes and ingredients, makes lists according to specific stores, use exclusive themes to personalize their lists and make folders that can store their lists. They also have the option to set reminders that go off when the user is near a store they have listed as a ‘favorite’.

The information stored on the AnyList app is synced with the cloud and ensures that users retain all their data no matter what. AnyList is a service that is a highly recommended app for anyone who takes organizing food seriously.

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