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History of Apple

by Jack R.

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History of Apple

Apple is a brand we all know and love, and we all have our own individual opinions about the company. The Apple brand has a very interesting story, with its origins that, can be traced back to the 70s. Apple started on Apple I, moved to Apple II and revolutionized into one of the most sought out technological companies in the world. This is the story of how Apple as we know it came to be.

Apple was founded on the 1st of April 1976, which makes the company 42 years old. It was founded by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Jobs. Back then, the Apple Company was nothing more than a single garage. Steve Wozniak had personally hand-built the Apple 1 Personal Computer, and the company was invented with the intention of selling it. The Apple 1 was far from any normal computer you and I know now. It didn’t have any Human Interface Devices like the keyboard built in, it didn’t even have a case. Be that as it may, it still attracted multimillionaire Mike Markkula. This was when the company began their take-off.

Apple Stock History

Five years after the company gained recognition, the first Macintosh was made. In the year 1984, Apple succeeded in setting themselves apart from other firms like IBM. IBM was one of the firms that were targeted in the famous 1984 ad. The Mac was revolutionary. Not only did it function efficiently, but it also came with its own Graphical User Interference or GUI. The Mac was one of the first personal computers to allow for the use of a mouse. More than 30 years after the GUI and the mouse was introduced, we still consider them fundamental.

The development of such complex hardware came with quite a few problems. Ronald Wayne had already left the company a while back and Steve Wozniak followed suit. By then, Apple was left solely to Steve Jobs. To compensate for the resignation of Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak, Apple started making high-end products and increased the company's prices. They referred to this action as the High-Right Policy, and this gave way to inventions like the Macintosh Portable, which was essentially just a brick with high-end functionality. Other Apple breakthrough products include the PowerBook and the Newton. The Newton was the pet project of then Apple CEO John Sculley, and his design is what inspired and assisted in the making of the modern day tablet.

Steve Jobs resigned from Apple in 1985, after he was forced to take a backseat when running his own company, on account of the fact that he wanted to sell the Macintosh for $1000 in the year 1984. The High-Right Policy proved to be an unsustainable one and Apple started making products like the Macintosh Classic and the Performa budget series.

Apple History

The Performa series didn’t do as well as expected in the market and by 1997, Apple was facing difficulty with making ends meet. Other factors like the failure to counter the rise of Microsoft, layoffs all across the board, and a frequent change in management contributed to Apple’s downfall. To counter their financial loss, Apple then bought the company NeXT, with whom Steve Jobs had been working since 1985.

Apple soon started doing better. They restructured their products and came up with the iMac three which played a big role in helping them escape the financial rut they were in. Apple products were now made available for all age groups and classes of people. Businessmen, artists, and even kids started using Apple products. Apple later went on to dominate the mp3 market with their well-advertised iPods. Although Apple wasn’t the first to develop mobile devices, iPhones and iPads quickly rose to fame and became a vogue.

Although Apple has been under constant scrutiny, the company has still given us some of the best technological marvels of the 21st century.


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