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Apple TV Scam: Has Your Account Been Hacked?

by Eddie V.

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Apple TV Scams and How to Prevent Them

Streaming services have changed the way we consume entertainment, with several services reigning supreme – like Apple TV. The popular streaming service provides original content for people around the world through Apple's unique interface that users can enjoy through their iPhones, iPads, Mac devices, TV, and other devices. Like with other TV streaming services, Apple TV is not a free service; to enjoy the content offered by Apple TV, you must subscribe and pay for what you watch. Unfortunately, hackers have jumped at the chance, and they have found a way to hack into people's personal data through Apple TV. If you are a subscriber of the popular service, you might also be at risk of getting hacked and having your personal data and money stolen. To avoid getting scammed, here is what you need to know about Apple TV scams and the signs that indicate you may have been hacked.

What are Apple TV Scams?

The following are the most popular Apple TV scams that scammers use to get their hands on people's personal data:

Pop-up ad scams

If you are using Apple TV and a pop-up ad comes on, do not click it! Apple does not pop-up ads, and the service providers suggest users to avoid clicking on any ad that comes their way. You can be certain that the only thing that you are avoiding by not clicking on pop-up ads is a scam, and not a great deal like ads might have you believe.

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Apple support scams

One of the most common streaming scams is the support scam; when scammers try to get people's information, they will make them believe that there is an issue that needs to be resolved by a "support team". How do they do it? the scammers will tell you that there is a problem with your service by sending you an email, text message, or by calling you.

The scammer will give you false information to get you scared enough into giving out your personal information – including your credit card data. Once you do so, the scammers will be able to use your credit card, steal your identity, or even set up new accounts in your name. To find out if someone is trying to scam you, search the real phone number of Apple support, and give them a call. Ask whether they were the ones who contacted you about an issue with your service, and of course – do not give out your personal data to those who contact you on the behalf of Apple.

Has your Apple TV account been hacked?

If your Apple TV account has been hacked, you will likely get a notification that you have been locked out of your account. When you get such a notice, it means that someone has tried to log into your account multiple times with no success, so your account is not accessible to you. Despite the alarming notification, when you get a message that you have been locked out of your account, it means that a hacker has been unsuccessful in their attempt to hack into your account.

If you actually get locked out of your account, then a hacker has succeeded in taking over your account. This could also be because you have changed your password or cannot remember it, in which case, you should Recover Your Apple ID.

Apple TV Scam

How to block hackers out of your Apple TV account?

To protect your account from getting hacked, you should first notify Apple of any suspicious activities in your account. If you think that your account may have been hacked or you keep getting notified that you have been logged out of your account, contact the Apple support team so they can help you.

Also, take the following measures to protect your Apple TV account:

2-Factor Authentication

2-factor authentication will make it harder for hackers to hack into your Apple TV account. The 2-factor authentication means that your Apple TV account will only be accessible through trusted devices that you yourself will define. In Apple's case, you will need to verify the authentication process with a 6-digit code that will be sent to your personal phone. After you get the 2-factor authentication, your account will be harder to get hacked into, and it will not be likely that you will be licked out of your account.


Change your Apple account password

Before you get to the 2-factor authentication, you should change your Apple ID password. The two-step process is very easy, and to change your Apple password, you should:

1. Enter Apple's site, click on "Sign In", and choose “Forgot Apple ID or password?”.

2. Follow the necessary steps on Apple's site to change your password. Choose a password that will not be easily revealed, and never use details from your life, like your birthday, pet name, partner's name, etc.

Getting hacked these days means that people can have access to your life and your personal data. If you have Apple TV, you can be a target for scammers, but by taking a few simple steps, you can protect yourself and your data, so do what you can to prevent hacking to the popular streaming service.


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