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Aquarius: How to Dress According to Your Sign

by Rannie A.

Aquarius, How to Dress According to Your Sign

Star Sign Fashion: Aquarius
People who belong to the Aquarius zodiac sign are mostly independent in nature. It also means that you will not find them living their lives by the rule. Rather they love to lead their lives on their terms. Aquarians are assertive, as well as determined. It also means that they can counter all kinds of obstacles to achieve their goals in life.

Aquarius style is all about setting new trends. That is because they are the first to introduce a new style. They do not care about breaking the existing fashion rules and create new ones. Their sense of fashion keeps changing and they are passionate about light colors. At the same time, Aquarians do not mind wearing bold and dark shades when the outfit is right. However, their favorite shades are violet, turquoise, and blue.

Aquarius Style

Aquarius women fashion style

One will often catch an Aquarius woman in a red dress, red shirt, red skirt, or even in a pair of red shorts. These women can transform their appearances from being sassy to chic and stylish very fast. An Aquarius clothing style for a female is all about ever-changing and eccentricity.

Aquarian females are not quite fond of fur or leather. These women prefer to wear leather when they opt for boots. You will also find Aquarius women doing a mix and match of their styles, patterns, and fabrics. They are also fond of mixing up outfits in their wardrobes. Thus, people are often found contemplating what they will wear next. To put it plainly, an Aquarius woman is fully aware of how to make her dress work. So, you can easily call them natural fashion stars.
Just like a Leo woman, an Aquarius female is passionate about animal prints. The only difference between them is that the latter is slightly more subtle in her approach. It is commonplace to spot an Aquarius woman donning a tee or a tank with a leopard print or a zebra stripe.
At the same time, these women love to be comfortably dressed. They can be often spotted in tank-tops, sandals with open toes, and in a pair of jean shorts. They are in love with sleek, classy but comfortable sandals.

 Aquarius Clothing Style
Many Aquarian females prefer to be seen in dark-colored and long dun dresses with a simple neckpiece and a pair of comfy sandals for their casual dos. Accessories are not compulsory for these females. However, when they wear one, they should make a style statement. An Aquarius woman is also fond of jewelry. She loves matching her outfit with her accessories. So, if you see her in a red outfit, she will wear a pair of matching red earrings, a red handbag, and matching shoes.

Know about Aquarius man style

If you spot a man in a black shirt and red pants, there is a high possibility of him being an Aquarius male. An Aquarian man is known to mix the strangest of colors. They are often seen in ethnic clothing or outfits made for a particular occasion while they are working in another. These men are passionate about their colors and love to flaunt them like the peacocks.

In case he has put on a tie, an Aquarian male will opt for a unique one that makes him stand out in the crowd. They are also known to collect many ties in a specific style. If he has to wear a suit, you will spot him wearing it with a shirt in a bright color. An Aquarian male is the first person to experiment with a pair of jeans in a completely different color or printed slacks. He is fond of colored shirts and does not like to be seen in a uniform like an outfit unless it is essential at his workplace.


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