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Arizona Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Garry S.

Register to Vote Arizona, Arizona Register to Vote

How to Register to Vote in Arizona?

Voting is the fundamental right of every U.S. citizen. It gives them an opportunity to choose a leader for tomorrow. A nation's political foundation is built with the help of voting and hence, every vote matters. Voting is crucial to determine the right representative to guide, lead and implement policies for the benefit of the citizens.

Prerequisites to vote in Arizona

In all states in the U.S., voting is free. No one can be forced to vote, and no one can stop another person from voting. A person can vote only once in an election, and no one can see how the other person votes. The prerequisites to voting in Arizona are no different than the other states. To register to vote in Arizona, the applicant must

  • Be a united states citizen
  • Be a resident of Arizona and the county listed on the registration form
  • Be 18 years or older on the day of the election
  • Must not have been convicted of any felony
  • Must not have been, at any time judged incapacitated by a court of law
Register to Vote Arizona

Proof of citizenship requirements in Arizona

Proof of citizenship has to be submitted by the applicant with the voter registration form to be able to vote in all federal, state, county and local elections in which he/she is eligible. Failure to submit citizenship proof will imply that the applicant is eligible to vote in federal elections only, also known as ‘federal only.' Only on submitting the citizenship proof to the appropriate County Recorder's office are the ‘federal only' voters eligible to vote in all federal, state, county and local elections.


How to register to vote in Arizona

To participate in Arizona elections, the voter must have recorded with the Arizona County Recorder. Registration can also be done through the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) - Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). A voter must register at least 29 days before the upcoming elections to be eligible to vote. Registration to vote can be

Online: To register to vote online, the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division must have the applicant's digital signature on file. The applicant can register to vote online by visiting ADOT service Arizona website and providing name, address, and Social Security Number. Once the registration process is complete, the voter registration information is sent to the applicant's local County Recorder. The voter registration card is sent within six weeks.

Arizona Register to Vote

By mail or in-person: An applicant will need a completed Arizona voter registration form and proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote by mail or in-person. The Arizona voter registration form is available at the local County Recorder. The applicant has to either mail or submits in person the mentioned documents at the local County Recorder or the local Arizona MVD office. The proof of registration will be mailed to the applicant in 6 weeks.

Permanent early voters in Arizona
A person with a permanent physical disability can register to vote as lifelong early voter either online or through mail-in registration. Once registered, the voter will receive a mail-in ballot for each year he/she is eligible to vote.

Military and overseas voters 
An applicant who is an active duty military member stationed out of the state of Arizona, or Arizona resident residing overseas can register to vote through the Federal Voting Assistance Program. He/she will be automatically registered as an absentee voter on submitting the Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Post Card Application to the local election office. A dependent or spouse of an out-of-state military member can also register similarly. Register to vote can also be done online at the Arizona Secretary of State website.

Voting enables a citizen to question the government. Voting is a way to express an opinion democratically. Voting is crucial as it keeps a nation's government system working.


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