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Arkansas Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Kelly B.

Register to Vote Arkansas, Arkansas Register to Vote

How to Register to Vote in Arkansas?

Voting is a process that keeps the government system working. It allows the commoners to choose their representative in the government. It also enables a commoner to question the government about issues about the state or nation. Voting gives the commoner a path to express their opinion in a democratic nation.

Voter eligibility in Arkansas

To register to vote in Arkansas, the applicant must be

  • A citizen of the United States
  • A resident of Arkansas
  • 18 years or upon the date of the election

An applicant cannot register to vote if he/she is

  • Convicted of a crime and currently serving incarceration, probation or parole
  • Judged mentally incompetent
Register to Vote Arkansas

How to register to vote in Arkansas

In Arkansas, the Secretary of State allows residents to register to vote by mail or in person.  Residents of Arkansas living outside the country can also register to vote in Arkansas. The deadline to register to vote is 30 days before the upcoming election.

By mail: An applicant must complete the Arkansas Voter Registration Application to register to vote by mail. The application is available at the local county clerk's office and Arkansas secretary of state. While applying my mail, the applicant must include the driver's license number or the last four numbers of  Social Security Number in the application. If the applicant does not have a driver's license and social security number, he/she can include a photocopy of

  • An up to date valid photo ID
  • Current utility bill, paycheck, government check, bank statement or another government document

Applicants must note that the ID submitted must have the applicant name and address.

In person: A person willing to register to vote in person can complete the voter registration at the below-mentioned offices

  • The applicant’s county clerk’s office
  • Any Arkansas ODS location where an applicant can complete a paper form or send information electronically
  • Any public library or Arkansas State Library
  • Any public assistance or disability agency
  • Any military recruitment or National Guard office
  • Local voter registration drives

If the applicant fails to provide the required identification information while submitting the form by mail or in person, he/she will have to cast a Provisional Ballot the first election.

If an applicant registers to vote at a voter registration drive, the organizer of the register drive must send the application to the county clerk within 21 days of the application or 30 days before the upcoming election.

Arkansas Register to Vote

Military, overseas and out of station voter registration in Arkansas

Any U.S. citizen who is an active member of the armed forces, their dependents, and overseas voters can register to vote in Arkansas. They are required to register at least 30 days before the election. Arkansas residents who live overseas, members of military and military dependents can register via several methods as under

  • By mail using the Arkansas registration application
  • Requesting a Military and Overseas Voter Request Form
  • Use a Federal Post Card Application

Out of state residents: who are temporarily staying out of Arkansas but are retaining permanent residences in the state can register to vote by mail.

College students: who are attending college in another state or going to college in Arkansas can register to vote based on their permanent address.

It is the right and duty to vote as a citizen to energize social awareness as it empowers political cooperation. A single vote can make a significant difference.


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