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2020 Arrest Records Search: Best Websites to Find Arrest Records for Every State in 2020

Arrest records are created when a person is taken into custody by agents of law enforcement and contain details on the individual arrested, as well as why they were arrested, and where they were taken.

These records are not considered criminal records as criminals are only titled as such upon facing conviction in a court of law, however, criminal records often contain arrest records.

Finding arrest records can be a harrying task if you don’t know where to look. Criminal and arrest records are held by local government, and therefore you will need to go to the individual state records office to access these records or go through a 3rd party website. Most sites will charge a processing fee ranging from 5-100 dollars.

Best Websites to Find Arrest Records for Every State in 2020
Alabama 2020 Arrest Records

Alabama is one of the most dangerous states in the US, being number 7 on the list of states with the highest crime rates. To allow people access to criminal records and 2020 Alabama arrest records, the state operates online arrest records search that you can access at all times. 

Alaska 2020 Arrest Records

Alaska has the highest crime rates in the US, and in the past few years, it ranked number 1 on the list of most dangerous states in the country. The Alaska state records website provides users with access to Alaska criminal records as part of the public safety policy, and you can get access to the site whenever you desire.

Arizona 2020 Arrest Records

Crime is very common in Arizona, with statistics showing that a violent crime occurs every eighteen and a half minutes in the Grand Canyon State. A major crime occurs every two and a half minutes, and a property crime occurs every three minutes. You can find Arizona arrest records by running a state record search.

Arkansas 2020 Arrest Records

In Arkansas, criminal records are managed by local jurisdictions which are charged with providing them to interested members of the public. You can search for an arrest record using the Arkansas State Record Organisation website

California 2020 Arrest Records

California is home to some of the most notorious prisons in the United States and historically had some of the highest arrest rates in the country. However due to recent reforms, arrest rates are at a historic low, yet still above the national average. To find an arrest record in California you can run a search for public records through the California state records site

2020 Arrest Records Search

Colorado 2020 Arrest Records

Colorado criminal records archives go back to the 1970s when criminal and arrest data started to be centralized and compiled into an organized database. Most criminal records are preserved online, which is easily accessible through the state records portal. You can run a search using your query’s full name and the county he/she was arrested in to get the correct information. 

Connecticut 2020 Arrest Records

The crime rate in Connecticut has dramatically reduced in the past few years, with projections showing that this trend will continue. This is in large due to criminal justice reforms in the state, but the larger cities in Connecticut still see a high rate of arrests including Bridgeport, and the state capital Hartford, which holds the highest arrest rate of the state. To find arrest records in Connecticut, you can visit the state criminal records site.  

Delaware 2020 Arrest Records

In Delaware, you can use the court connect site which keeps records of all judicial cases in the “The First State”. Here you can search for charges against a person or a business. You can run searches either by the person’s name or by the type of case.

Florida 2020 Arrest Records

Florida criminal records usually include the full name and alias, gender, birth date, nationality/ethnicity of the perpetrator as well as a mugshot, fingerprint set, offenses, and arrest history. You can find these records by searching the Florida State Record website by using the arrestee’s name. 


2020 Arrest Records

Georgia 2020 Arrest Records

Georgia arrest statistics show that the leading age demographic for violent crime was males between the ages of 22 and 29, with the 17 to 21 and 30 to 39 brackets tying for second place. In total, men committed 25,182 alleged crimes while women only made up 13,600 of that number. If you want to run a search for someone’s arrest records you can do so on the State of Georgia’s dedicated site

Hawaii 2020 Arrest Records

Criminal records for arrests and convictions are public and accessible in the state of Hawaii. While detailed records of convictions are held in the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center, you can access basic criminal and arrest records through the state criminal records tool of Hawaii. 

Idaho 2020 Arrest Records

The state of Idaho has public records starting in the year 1870. The state is in the process of digitalizing these public records and offering on them online on government and third-party websites. To find arrest or criminal records, you can visit the Idaho website where they make these state records publicly available

Illinois 2020 Arrest Records

In Illinois, there were 884 murders, 30,539 aggravated assaults, 187,591 larcenies and thefts and 19,593 vehicle thefts in the state of Illinois in 2018. To see if someone you know has an arrest record in the state of Illinois you can search on the state record site.

Indiana 2020 Arrest Records

Indiana arrest and criminal records are kept in state-managed online record depository. You can access these reports through various courts, law enforcement offices, and through the official Indiana State Records Online Database, A record can be available in the form of a Criminal Background Report.

2020 Arrest Records Search

Iowa 2020 Arrest Records

Iowa is a fairly safe state, the crime rate in Iowa for 2020 is expected to be lower than in 2016 when the state violent crime rate was lower than the national average by 26.81%. Yet, if you are searching for arrest records in Iowa a great place to start is the Iowa state record database

Kansas 2020 Arrest Records

To find arrest records located in Kansas, you can start at the Kansas State Record Organization. In 2018, the Kansas Crime Index Report showed that violent crime in Kansas is on a trend upward. Kansas saw an increase of 5.3 percent in the violent crime categories of murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault/battery. The violent crime rate is currently 16.5 percent above the 10-year average. 

Kentucky 2020 Arrest Records

Arrest records in Kentucky can be found on the state records website. Files beginning from the 1970s are available, but the accuracy of these records was commonly affected by human error in the past. The records from the 1990’s onwards are more accurate because of the accuracy of computers. As a result of this, the information provided will vary from person to person.

Louisiana 2020 Arrest Records

Louisiana has held the record for having the highest murder rate than all states in the United States for 30 consecutive years. Lousiana also ranks highly on the country’s most crime-ridden states list each year. If you are hiring/ dating someone from Lousiana it may be prudent to check if that person has an arrest record by running a Lousiana criminal record search on the state record website. 

Maine 2020 Arrest Records

Maine is mostly a rural state, and its violence is concentrated mostly in those areas, just a quarter of crime happened in a metropolitan area, where almost 60% of the population live, meaning 75% of crimes happen where 40% of the population lives. To find arrest records in Maine you can run a public record search on the state-based website

Maryland 2020 Arrest Records

Maryland is a fairly dangerous city, and it, therefore, it is useful to be able to find arrest records on the Maryland State Records site. Maryland is one of only 11 states to report more than 500 violent crimes for every 100,000 people in 2017. Robbery is also more common in Maryland than any other state in the US. 


Arrest records search

Massachusetts 2020 Arrest Records

Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, and the restrictions have a considerable effect on gun violence with a remarkable record of 60% fewer gun deaths than the national average. Massachusetts also imprisons a very small amount of its residents with just 120 sentenced prisoners under state jurisdiction per 100,000 residents. You can request someone’s arrest record using the Massachusetts Criminal Record Check service. 

Michigan 2020 Arrest Records

Michigan has the 14th highest violent crime rate in the country with 44,826 violent crimes being reported in 2017. Two of the twenty-five most dangerous cities in the US are located in Michigan, Lansing, and Detroit. The best way to find 2020 arrest records in Michigan is a name-based criminal background check through the Michigan State Police website. 

Minnesota 2020 Arrest Records

Minnesota is the only state located in the Midwest United States to rank among the 10 most peaceful states. The majority of the most peaceful states are in the Northeast. To find arrest records in the state of Minnesota, you can run a search using someone's name on the Minnesota public records database.

Mississippi 2020 Arrest Records

In 2017 there were 619 people in prison in Mississippi for every 100,000 residents, a larger amount than in every other state in the US excluding Louisiana and Oklahoma. To find someone's criminal record including their arrest record you can go to the database of public records in Mississippi. 

Missouri 2020 Arrest Records

The custodian of criminal records in the state of Missouri is the State Highway Patrol, it is also their responsibility to provide the public with this information. You can do so by running a name-based criminal records search on the Missouri State Highway Patrol Portal.

Montana 2020 Arrest Records

Montana has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the country, although it has a lower than average violent crime rate in comparison with the rest of the United States. To find arrest records in the state of Montana, you can begin your search on the state records website

2020 arrest records websites

Nebraska 2020 Arrest Records

Nebraska is ranked as the 12th most peaceful state in the United States and the second most peaceful state in the Midwest, being second only to Minnesota. This is in part due to Minnesota having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country well below the national average. You can find criminal and arrest records by requesting it from the Nebraska State Patrol, you can find the various ways to do so on their website.

Nevada 2020 Arrest Records

You can search for arrest and warrant records in Nevada through Nevada Arrests, a third party website that aggregates all the records in Nevada. Nevada is rated as having the 5th highest violent crime rate in the country. 

New Hampshire 2020 Arrest Records

New Hampshire is one of only three states with fewer than 200 violent crimes per 100,000 residents and the lowest property crime rate in the country. You can run an arrest record search with New Hampshire Arrests to find past arrests on anyone in New Hampshire. 

New Jersey 2020 Arrest Records

New Jersey is one of the more peaceful states with violent crimes being relatively uncommon within its borders. New Jersey also has the lowest amount of reported rapes per 100,000 than any other state in the US. You can run an arrest record search in New Jersey through State Records.

New Mexico 2020 Arrest Records

New Mexico is one of the only states where violent crimes are over twice as likely to occur than the average of the country, this is in part due to New Mexico having the third-highest unemployment rate among states. You can look for arrest records in New Mexico through the court case lookup tool.

Arrest records search

New York 2020 Arrest Records

The court system in New York keeps the criminal records of everyone in the state. You can file a request through the New York Courts website, The Justice department of New York keeps these records as well but does not release them to the public. 

North Carolina 2020 Arrest Records

In North Carolina, you can run a search for arrest records through the Department of Public Safety which makes the records available to the public. You can narrow down your search methods by following the guide on the Department of Public Safety website of how to run a criminal offender search within North Carolina. 

North Dakota 2020 Arrest Records

Only 13 states have a lower violent crime rate than North Dakota’s. The state also has a very low homicide rate with only 10 murders in 2017, the second-lowest rate in the country after New Hampshire. Arrest records in North Dakota are available from the Attorney General’s office you can find a guide on the website that demonstrates how to attain these records. 

Ohio Arrest 2020 Records

Ohio is generally safer than the rest of the states in the U.S. However if you go to Cleveland, Ohio’s most dangerous city, the violent crime rate is four times higher than the national average. To find arrest records in Ohio, you can run a name-based search on the State Records website. 

Oklahoma 2020 Arrest Records

Oklahoma ranks among one of the most violent states in the United States. This is not only because of the above-average violent crime rate but also because of the prevalence of gun violence within Oklahoma. To get arrest and criminal records in the state of Oklahoma you can run a basic search on the Department of Corrections offender search tool.

Oregon 2020 Arrest Records

Oregon is considered among the more peaceful states in the US. This is mostly because of the lower than average violent crime rate. As is most states in the US, crime in Oregon is concentrated in cities with only around 15% of violent crimes occurring outside metropolitan areas. A search for arrest records can be done through the Oregon Judicial Department's online records search

2020 arrest records websites

Pennsylvania 2020 Arrest Records

In the state of Pennsylvania, arrest records can be found with The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania. You can find the records by going to the website of the Judicial System and running a docket search by a participant name. 

Rhode Island 2020 Arrest Records

Rhode Island is one of the most peaceful states in the country with a murder rate of 1.9 per 100,000 residents and a violent crime rate of 232.2 per 100,000 residents. This is in part due to the low incarceration rate of Rhode Island. While the arrest rates are low, you can run a search to see if someone has an arrest record with a state's records search.

South Carolina 2020 Arrest Records

South Carolina is one of the 10 most violent states in the US. This is largely due to its high rate of violent crime, for every 100,000 residents there were 506.2 violent crimes compared to 382.9 average in the nation. You can find arrest records in South Carolina with a search of state records. Additionally, only three states have a higher property crime rate than South Carolina.

South Dakota 2020 Arrest Records

Public criminal records in South Dakota are held by the South Dakota Unified Judicial System. While the state is working on a system to be able to view public records online which is set to launch later this year, you can still search for someone's complete criminal background on the judicial system website

Tennessee 2020 Arrest Records

Tennessee's violent crime rate is the third-highest among US states, only behind Alaska and New Mexico. The high rate of violence is mostly due to the high number of incidents of aggravated assault. You can find criminal records in Tennessee using the Public Case History page of the Tennessee Court website.

Texas 2020 Arrest Records

The Department for Public Safety in Texas hosts a database of people who were arrested and/or convicted. They make this database available and searchable to the public through a criminal history name search.

Utah 2020 Arrest Records

Utah is the least violent state in the continental Western United States with a violent crime rate well below the national average. Utah's incarceration rate is also among the lowest in the nation. The Utah Department of Public Safety does not allow people to request another person's criminal history, but you can search for arrest records through a 3rd party like state records

Vermont 2020 Arrest Records

Vermont had the second-lowest violent crime rate in the country in 2017, second only to Maine. Vermont also has the fourth-lowest state incarceration rate in the country, imprisoning just 180 per every 100,000 residents. You can request a criminal record for 30 dollars from the Vermont Department of Public Safety.

2020 arrest records websites

Virginia 2020 Arrest Records

Virginia's violent crime rate is one of the lowest of any state, however, while violent crime is not common in the state, Virginia's murder rate is a bit higher than average. The state of Virginia does not provide access to criminal records to anyone, you need to be an approved agency to request these records, however, you can run a search through a 3rd party like GoLookUp.

Washington 2020 Arrest Records

In the state of Washington, you can run a search for arrest records using the Washington court website. The court site allows you to run a name-based search for case records. If the arrest records are registered in the court you will be able to retrieve them from the court site. 

West Virginia 2020 Arrest Records

The West Virginia State Police keeps arrest and criminal records in accordance with the law, however, they refer members of the public looking for these records to the IdentoGO website which offers a number of services including background checks. 

Wisconsin 2020 Arrest Records

Wisconsin is a very safe state with the incidence rate of every form of violent crime – rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and murder being lower in Wisconsin than any other state nationwide. Arrest and criminal records can be accessed through the Wisconsin Circuit Court which provides a name-based case search.

Wyoming 2020 Arrest Records

In the state of Wyoming, The Division of Criminal Investigation within the Office of the Attorney General is designated as the central agency in charge of criminal history record information but they do not provide an online access point. You can use a third party website like GoLookUp to access arrest records in Wyoming. 

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