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24 Hour Arrests - What You Need to Know about a 24 Hour Arrest!

The police booking process in America has several important stages, at the end of which a suspect is either released or confined in jail. During the booking process, the information about detainees is listed in a 24 arrest log that people can view and search for a particular inmate they need to contact.

The 24 hour arrest blotter is used as an inmate search directory, but there are other ways in which you can find a certain person who has been arrested over the past 24 hours.

Inmate Booking Process in America

A booking process takes a few hours, and it can vary from one county to another. The following steps are part of the booking procedure in America, and they allow law enforcement agencies to keep a detailed log of the inmates in their jurisdiction:

Recording the suspect's private details

The first step in the booking process involves recording the name and the crime a suspect has been arrested for committing.


The second step of the booking process is taking mugshots of the arrested suspect. Mugshots allow law enforcement agencies to keep photos of suspects, and also distinguish between suspects who have the same name.

Taking the suspects personal possessions and clothing

The suspect's items are taken from them and are returned after the suspect gest out of jail (unless they are in possession of crime evidence or contraband).

24 arrest
Taking fingerprints

The fourth step in the booking process is taking the fingerprints of the suspect. After the fingerprints have been recorded, they are entered into a special national database and are transferred to the FBI, that maintains them for decades.

Full body search

Also known as a "strip search," a full body search is performed during the booking process to check if the suspect is holding drugs or any other contraband in his/her bodily cavities.


Searching for warrants

During this step, the booking officer checks the suspect's records to see if he/she have any standing warrants and charges. Those who have outstanding warrants cannot be released on bail.

Health screening

In some places, the booking process involves checking for health problems that suspects may have. Health checks may include blood tests, x-rays, and other health screening tests that are designed to protect the safety of jail officials.


During the questioning process, jail officials ask questions about suspects to find out if they have any gang affiliations or other violent deeds that may put them at harm's way. If so, suspects are moved to protective custody.

24 hour arrest list
Taking a DNA sample

Depending on the jurisdiction, suspects may be required to provide a DNA sample which is then entered into a national database.

24 Hour Arrest List

Adults who have been arrested and processed in a booking process are taken into custody after the process is finished. During the next 24 hours, and in some places 72 hours, their information is released in a special blotter.

The 24-hour arrest list contains information about recent detainees, which allows people to perform an inmate search in the county where the arrest took place. The 24-hour arrest log includes the first name, middle name and last name of the suspect, their date of birth, sex, race, detention number, arrest date and arrest hour, arrest number, the name of the arresting agency, bond, charges and the reason of arrest.

If you need to use an inmate locator search service, you can use a 24-hour list in the county where the arrest was performed, but it may take you a while. To make the search easier and quicker, you can use GoLookUp's inmate search service that is available to you at all times.

By entering the name of the suspect and the state of their arrest, you will be able to quickly locate inmates and detainees in America. The search takes a few moments, so you can find the people you are searching for and contact them or the arresting agency. Thanks to the online inmate search service, you can get access to public records, including arrest records from the past 24 hours and even further back.

A 24 hour arrest list allows you to find suspects who have been arrested over the past day. To make the search easier and find a particular inmate, you can use GoLookUp's inmate search service, and find up-to-date information about people you know who have been processed in a law enforcement agency.

Knox county 24 hour arrest list

How to Check a 24-hour arrest list?

If you want to check names on 24-hour arrest lists, like Knox county 24 hour arrest list, 24 hour arrest list Knoxville Tennessee, Anderson County jail 24 hour arrest list, and other lists, you need to look them online. All you have to do to find these lists is to type in the search words into a search engine, like Google, and you will immediately get 24-hour police blotters with the names of detainees.

Aside from other people, you can also be featured in a 24-hour list, which can affect your criminal record. As you know, there are many employers who perform background checks to see if prospective employees have criminal records. So, you are obligated to state if you have a criminal record. If you were ever on a 24-arrest list, it's likely that you have a criminal record that employers can see. So, if you have ever bees arrested, make sure you mention it during your interviews. If you are not sure you have such a record, you can check it out with GoLookUp's criminal records check. Once you enter your name into GoLookUp's directory, you will be able to see your entire criminal record. The advanced search engine on the website will scan your public records and provide you with a report that includes, among other things, your arrest records and criminal records. In most cases, the information in public records is accurate, but there are cases where arrest records contain mistakes. So, even though you were never arrested, you will have an arrest record in your report. You can contact the proper authorities and ask them to correct the mistakes.

If there are no mistakes in your report but you want to ask to get your arrest record expunged, you can ask for it in certain cases. Either way, it is advised to perform a background check on yourself from time to time, especially if you are searching for a job or you want to rent/purchase a home. When you fill out background check forms, you have to make sure that everything you stated is what an employer/homeowner will see. With a background check, you will be able to find out if what you state and what shows up on your check correlate. If not, you can ask to change the information on your criminal record so it will match your statements.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 25, 2019
Sensitive Information!