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Alaska Crime of Passion Law

The world of law and legalities often has many critical legal laws that are targeted towards situations in life that are run by emotions. One of these is the “crimes of passion.” In our guide, we will give you a deeper understanding of what are crimes of passion and how each state, such as, the state of Alaska defines it.

What Does The Crime of Passion Mean?

If you are wondering what is a crime of passion law and the definition of the crime of passion, as per Cornell Law School’ Legal Information Institute, a crime of passion refers to any criminal activity committed by an individual, while in the heat of passion. These activities can often be described as activities that have been committed due to a heartbreak or in anger.

One of the best examples to describe the crime of passion is when a wife chances upon her husband in bed with another woman and murders the lover in a blind rage. In this instance, the crime of passion law considers the murder as criminal activity under the crime of passion law as it. The law considers this as criminal activity as, but not a premeditated activity as the wife had no intention to murder the lover and had committed the activity as she was overcome by emotion, this is considered necessary for a conviction of murder.

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Difference Between Premeditated Crime and Crime of Passion

The difference between a criminal activity such as murder and murder under the crime of passion lies in premeditation. For instance, if the wife had thought about killing her husband for a week before the incident, and then murdered him, then this would be considered to be a premeditated act and not a crime of passion. In short, the wife had a substantial amount of time to cool off, understand the situation, plan the murder and commit it.

The law defines murder as a criminal activity that was committed by an individual with a prior intention or a premeditated event. The crime of passion law, however, does not consider the murder as a premeditated activity, but only an activity that the individual had committed in the heat of passion. Another key difference in the crime of passion law and criminal law is that in the law the victims must be part of a triggering event.

For instance, if the wife had killed another individual, who is not involved in the event, then this would not be a crime of passion. Therefore, under the crime of passion law, the jury would sentence the wife to manslaughter and not murder, which would lead to much less and serious sentences.

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The Closing Words

Considering that the crime of passion law has different interpretations, each state in the USA, has different interpretations and sentences for the same. When it comes to criminal laws, there is a clear demarcation between a crime of passion and premeditated murder in the state of Alaska. Alaska crime of passion law follows on the similar lines of the regular legal definition of the law. The crime of passion law also may or may not sentence any criminal activity committed under the law to murder or manslaughter.

As per the crime of passion law in Alaska, a person has not committed murder or manslaughter, if he or she has committed the act in the heat of passion that has been provoked by situations that are recognized by the law, before a cooling-off period. In Alaska, murder falls under a class A felony, with a possible sentence of range of 20-99 years in prison, while, manslaughter is a class B felony with a sentence of 2 to 20 years in prison.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!