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How to See Who Was Arrested?

Maybe a friend or family member is missing and you have a suspicion that they have been arrested, or you suspect that someone in your life may have been a criminal and was arrested and released in the past. No matter your motivation, it is important to know how to find out if someone was arrested, be it for reasons of your safety, or to help someone you know out of a bind. 

This article will go through methods of finding out if someone was arrested recently and how to locate them within the system. The article will also provide the knowledge of how to find out if someone you know has an arrest record from their past. It is possible to expunge criminal and arrest records, especially if someone was found not guilty of the crime they were arrested for, in this case, you will not be able to find the records anywhere. 

How Can I Find Out if Someone Was Arrested

How Can I Find Out if Someone Was Arrested

The first step you need to take is to locate where the person who may have been arrested is located. If this is a family member or friend, it should be fairly easy and can be accomplished with some phone calls to find out where he/she was last seen. 

Once you have located where the person you are looking for was arrested, or at least narrowed it down to a few places you need to contact the police department. You should not dial 911, rather call the non-emergency number, some police stations even have a separate number for this specific type of inquiry. You can also go to the police department in person. You will need to provide the officer with the name of the person you suspect may have been arrested especially in police stations that serve a larger community and arrest many people every day. 

You can also contact the nearest jail to where the person may have been arrested as this is the first place a law enforcement officer will take someone who was arrested. Many counties house the jail in the same complex as the police station, especially in lesser populated areas. 

Who Was Arrested

If over 24-48 hours have passed since you suspect the arrest may have occurred you can search online to see if someone was arrested. Most jails will have a list that is updated frequently with new arrests and entries to the jail. You can search by the name of the county and “arrest records” and you will likely get the results you are looking for. Oftentimes if there is no room in a local jail, arrestees will be sent to a neighboring county jail, so if you did not return any results from the local jail, search neighboring jails as well. 

If all these steps leave you with no results you can contact a bond agent. While these agents typically are paid for services, they will often provide information for free in hopes that you will retain their services afterward. Bond agents typically have inside information and contacts with the local law enforcement and may have information that is not publicly available yet. 

How to Find Someone's Arrest Records

Oftentimes we have suspicions about people in our lives that they are hiding something about their past. This can be a coworker, neighbor or blind date. It is possible to run an online search to see if that person was arrested through their arrest record. Arrest records are created when a person is taken into custody by agents of law enforcement and contains physical details on the individual arrested, as well as why they were arrested. While these are not considered criminal records because many people are arrested but are not guilty or not found guilty in court. 

As a matter of law, anyone can access arrest records. They are usually held by local law enforcement or courthouses in the county in which the arrest took place. For every country the place to look is different, but a good place to start is the county sheriff’s department or county clerk office. To file a request with these institutions, you will have to submit a formal request and usually pay a processing fee as well as wait for the request to be processed and fulfilled which can take quite a while. 

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, most arrest records are now available to the public if requested, and many people search engines and companies have aggregated these records and have made them searchable to the public in a much quicker manner than by requesting it from the government offices. Below we have listed the best ways to find someone's arrest records.

How to See Who Was Arrested


GoLookUp aggregates millions of arrest records from tens of thousands of sources. If you are looking to find an arrest record or a mugshot from your local police department, GoLookUp is a great place to start your search. Results of an arrest record search can provide you with inmate information, federal prison information, arrest date, status, probation violations, and the final disposition of any criminal charges for each person. You can also get sentencing information about the person who was arrested. GoLookUp charges a monthly subscription fee which allows you to run unlimited searches on the site. 

find arrest records


State Records collects state records and makes them available to the public through an online search. You will need to search by name and state and can get criminal records that include arrest records, arrest warrants, and information on the arrest as well as inmate information. State Records has a monthly fee that gives you unlimited searches. 

how to see if someone was arrested


This popular people search website also provides an arrest record search tool. When running a search with BeenVerified available records may indicate why someone was arrested and when the arrest occurred as well as biographical information about the person, including their age, address, court records, and other important details.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!