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An arrest record will describe all the circumstances and details of a person being arrested for a criminal act. It describes various information such as the incident, the crime, witnesses and much more. In 2018, they were over 10.3 million arrests for all offenses in the United States, among which, many remain unresolved.

It's important to precise that an arrest record can be issued for various and more or less heavy crimes such as driving under the influence of murder. An arrest record is part of the criminal records of an individual and stays forever unless a few exceptions. If you are looking for arrest records, follow us to find them...

How to Find Arrest Records Online

What is an Arrest Records?

Let's start with a few stats concerning arrest records and have a better idea of what's really happening in the United States. How rare or how common is it to have a criminal record? According to the FBI, law enforcement made an estimated 10,554,985 arrests in 2017. Among these arrests, the highest number of arrests were due to drug abuse with almost 15,4%, followed by property crimes that represent 12%, driving under the influence is 9,3%, larceny-theft represents 9% and violent crimes 5% of all arrests.

But what is exactly an arrest record? And what information does it reveal? An arrest record is a document created by law enforcement either immediately after an alleged crime or after a police investigation. An arrest record or police arrest record is created by law enforcement for the apprehension of a person with or without conviction. In order to arrest a person, a police officer has to ask for an arrest warrant, which is an official document signed by a judge obtained after that the police officer has convinced him that this person has more likely committed the crime.

What information can be found in an arrest record? The police arrest record will detail the process and the nature of the offense, witnesses, other offenders involved if relevant, details about police interrogation, court dates, personal details of the arrestee such as current address, name and aliases, photographs, fingerprints, identifying marks, social security number, race, height, weight, etc. The arrest records and all the information it contains are part of the public domain and can, therefore, be found by any American. How....? Let's see!

Online Arrest Records

How to Find an Arrest Record Online?

Arrest records are kept by local government agencies, usually the Department of Public Safety or the local sheriff. Arrest records being part of criminal records, they are public documents, thus can be requested and must be accessible by the public. We offer two methods for accessing arrest records. The first is the "official" method, which requires contacting the local authority in charge of arrest records directly, depending on the state in which it was created. The second method will be particularly useful when you do not know the state in which the arrest record was created, and you want to search throughout the country. A method that will also save us time and very often, money as well.

Search Online Arrest Records

Method N°1 - Local Government's Websites

If you wish to obtain an arrest record in an official manner by calling on the local authorities, you will first need to identify which service is responsible for archiving and giving access to the extract. As an example, in the state of Connecticut, the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection is the main authority for collecting and dispersing public records including arrest records. Each state follows a different process. In the state of Connecticut, you'll have to mail or log in to their website and pay a fee from $36 to $75. 

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) is the main authority for collecting and dispersing public records including arrest records in the State of Connecticut. The State Police Bureau of Identification falling under DESPP distributes arrest records to the public. You can visit, mail or log in to their website to get the arrest records. The charge ranges from $36 to $75 depending on the process you have chosen to get criminal or arrest records. An extra fee of $15 is charged if you are using fingerprints to get arrest records.

In the state of Maryland, the process is much more simple, you can reach the official website of Maryland Judiciary Court and specifically the Maryland Judiciary Case Search Disclaimer, tick the box saying that you agree to the terms, you will be then directed to a search engine. You have the option to search by company or person and simply with a name, and without paying a fee, you'll access to public arrest records. Select the one you search for, and you'll get various information such as defendant information (name, race, address, alias), charge and disposition information, bail and bond information, related personal information, event history information, etc.

The main difficulty when processing in this manner is that you will need to search in each state, identify the right authority and, in most cases, pay not least fees. This is why we have a second option...

arrest records Maryland

Method N°2 - Third Party Website

A third-party website is a website based on technologies that are not operated or managed by a government entity and do not involve non-governmental organization involvement. When it comes to a background check and arrest records, third-party websites build a database that is collecting information from hundreds of databases. It collects official and public information that one might spend hours, days and weeks to reach. It helps by providing accurate information collected from a multitude of records and sources with only a single search. 

In recent years, a multitude of sites offering this kind of service has appeared. Therefore, it can be difficult to identify which one will provide the information you're looking for accurately. We advise reading carefully about the features. In addition, a third-party website will make you save time and money. It usually works with a monthly subscription that costs between $20 to $30 for unlimited searches. Start with a one-month subscription or a trial and get as much information as you want!

GoLookup is a reference in the matter and allows you to screen in arrest records and all public records nationwide!

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!