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How to Get Arrest Records in Alaska?

Arrest records include details of a person’s arrests. It will tell you whether a person has been previously arrested interrogated, or taken to custody. It tells you information on the charges filed and those filing allegations. In Alaska, the law allows an arrest if a person commits a felony or misdemeanor and is approached by an officer entitled to law enforcement.

Alaska Conviction Records

A conviction record refers to an official document that provides information stating that the person is guilty, pleaded guilty, or plead nolo contendere in the name of criminal charges at a court, military or civilian. You may classify criminal charges into a misdemeanor, felony, or other crimes. This also includes cases where people are judged delinquent and have been discharged not-so-honorably or sent into imprisonment, parole, fines, or probation. The criminal conviction was carried out by a judge in a law court or a jury of peers. The conviction does not include last judgment which was removed by a pardon, reversed, put aside, or judged inoperative.

Getting an Arrest Records in  Alaska
Alaska Inmate Records

Alaska inmate and Jail records include information kept by the Alaska Department of Corrections regarding persons who are presently in administration or custody. Persons under the custody of the Department of Corrections are mostly under a term of incarceration judged by the court after the person is convicted for a crime. Inmate records are a part of the person’s criminal records and can be accessed by the public.

Alaska Arrest Records, Criminal Records, and Background Checks

Background checks of the Alaska state are controlled by the Alaska Department of Public Safety. These records are open to licensing agencies and employers to screen. Besides, they are accessible to the public, in case they have signed the form of authorization. You may obtain a report by providing fingerprints or by giving a name-related search. The instructions and request forms for both are accessible online. You also have an alternative, to submit a request.

In Alaska, a background check covers details like the Social Security number confirmations, residential address, and criminal history traced back seven years. Note that if you work with seniors or children, you have provisions for more disclosures. Further, in case your background check is linked to a post in healthcare, paid or voluntary, it has to pass through the Division of Healthcare Services.

Alaska Criminal Records

Read on to get details of getting arrest records in Alaska.

Arrest Records in Alaska

Free searches

Alaska offers free availability of criminal records. If you want to obtain the details by yourself, you can begin from the resources offered below “Featured Public Records.” You may use the CourtView Trial Court Index and search state criminal court records. The details are accessible from Supreme Court case filings, Anchorage crimes, Appellate court records, the federal Pacer system of criminal court records, and statewide registered offenders

Alaska Department of Public Safety

Yet another alternative is to make use of resources from the Alaska Dept of Public Safety (ADPS) Criminal Information Center. You may order a history check of statewide criminals. Note that the fingerprint searches cost you $35 and Name searches cost $20. You will receive the results through mail. However, this excludes U.S. Federal Records. Hence, you may use a Pacer search.

Search Systems State, National, and International Criminal Records

Criminals may not be confined to the state. You can widen the search using other private Search Systems criminal record databases. These offer better and complete coverage of the records to help you obtain the required information for the purpose concerned.

Note that the Alaska government has certain exclusions which let them keep information from meetings and status reports.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!