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Illinois Arrest Records Search

Records like arrest records, criminal records, court records, jail records, vital records, etc. are public records. Any person can access these records to check whether he has been listed in the records or want to know details of the criminal history of a person. The State of Illinois has put details of such records in the public domain like any other state. Any person can access the records by following some procedures. Of all the records, knowing whether you have been listed in arrest records is important since it may affect your job, education and other opportunities you may get in life.

The State of Illinois started maintaining public records from the year 1800. These records contain information from all the 102 counties making it easy for the public to access these records without much hassle. With the increasing digitization of government records, it has become easier to get the required information from the comfort of home.

Fundamentals of Arrest Records in Illinois

An arrest record contains the offenses committed by an individual and the number of arrests made. It also lists the outcome of each arrest with sentences received in the court. A person can be arrested if the authorities find his actions may harm people and society. An arrest is also made if a person violates conditions of parole or prohibition.

 Illinois arrest records

Arrest records mainly contain vital information of the person like a mug shot, name, address, fingerprints, etc. If you are looking for your arrest records or any other person in Illinois, you should use the help of authorities like Illinois police department, suburban or municipal police department, the Chicago police department, county sheriff’s department or the Circuit Court.

Illinois Police Department

The Illinois police department provides arrest records through a document called a Statewide Criminal History Transcript. It includes both arrests made by authorities and convictions given for the crime. You need to pay $15 as a fee towards the department to get the record. You can get the transcript by directly visiting a police station or sending a fingerprint scan through a licensed vendor. Once the authorities receive your fingerprint, they do background checks and send the transcript through an encrypted version of the report. You can later open it and see whether your name is enlisted in the report.

Chicago Police Headquarters

In Chicago, arrest records maintained in a report called Record of Arrests and prosecutions (RAP). The RAP sheet contains a list of arrests, charges, and results of court cases. You need to pay around $16 as a service charge to get the report. You can also get the Illinois Statewide Criminal History Transcript without paying any extra money.


In any court, you mainly get records of convictions and sentences. These reports also mention arrest records in minor details. You can get the records by paying a fee. You can search your name or the person you are looking for in the court computers and get the information in the form of hard copy through a printer.

Illinois arrest records search

The State of Illinois has digitized most of the information so that people can get records sitting at home. You can either get records by sending mail to the authorities or visit their websites. Getting records through mail needs some procedure to follow but you can get information online by just typing your name and a few other details. You can also buy records from vendors by paying a fee or visit third party websites to get the information.

These types of vendors and websites only have information, which is available in the public domain. Hence, browsing authorized websites, visiting or requesting authorities is a good idea.

If you are caught up in some arrest and you find your name in arrest records, you are advised to take the help of a professional who may help you erase your name from the records or help in reducing the sentence in the court.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!