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How to Get Arrest Records in Florida?

Public records are an important part of our life as they provide information regarding people involved in criminal activity and also help in preserving important life events like marriage, birth, divorce, and even death. Public records like arrest records, criminal records, jail records, court records, and vital records are made public by all the states in the USA. The State of Florida sticking to its Florida Public Records Act has made all the records public through different domains and authorities.

You can access any records including arrest records by requesting one of the agencies or authorities of Florida State. People can discreetly request records to study, examine and do research for articles, blogs or their personal requirements. 
The State of Florida began collecting public records from the year 1857 and today it has put up all the records of the entire 67 counties in the public domain including the internet.

Basics of Arrest Records in Florida

Arrest records in Florida mainly contain the history of an individual involved or planning to commit a crime. The documents provide details on whether the person was detained, questioned, apprehended or taken into custody at the place of crime. The Florida state makes it mandatory for law enforcement authorities to read out the rights of the arrestee while apprehending him and state the reason or reasons for the arrest. The arrest or arrest records are not considered criminal records until the arrestee is sentenced to jail in the court of law.

Getting an Arrest Records in Florida
The State of Florida has made it easy for people to gain access to arrest records through several law enforcement agencies and other departments. By following some procedures and completing formalities, you can access arrest records. The following authorities or methods can be used to getting arrest records.

Florida Public Safety Department

Florida Public Safety Department is the primary department, which collects, stores and updates public records including arrest records in Florida State. The arrest records can be accessed by visiting the local offices of the department. You need to present your identification copy and fingerprints to get the records. Providing security numbers also accepted but it is not mandatory. Some services are charged but most of them are free. You can visit the office of the department to get the records directly or request through mail.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

The primary investigative agency of the country, FBI, has access to all the public records across the country. Since it stores records including arrest records in it it's head office, it becomes easy to access not only a particular state record but also any record from any state. A visit to the local branch of the FBI office will help you in getting arrest records directly or you can contact the official third party agency assigned by the FBI. You need to carry your identification documents and provide fingerprints while applying for arrest records.

Arrest Records in Florida
Other Government Agencies

Other government authorities like police stations, the Sheriff’s office, courts, and law enforcement departments also provide arrest records on request. They charge for some service and some are available free.


The State of Florida has its own official website,, through which you can request for arrest records. Other departments to have their official websites making it easy for people to access arrest records. You just have to follow some easy procedures to get access to the arrest records. You can also contact private vendors or third party websites to get arrest records but it is always safe to visit official websites and departments.

Clearing your name from arrest records is important because it may affect your daily life. It is always good to get help from a professional lawyer in clearing your name from arrest records.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!