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Arrest Records Search Minnesota The government agencies and authorities of the State of Minnesota keep public records like arrest records, criminal records, jail records, court records and vital records in their archives. People can access the records to study, examine and research for personal and other purposes. A request sent to one of the departments of the state through application or online would fetch you any public records including arrest records. Minnesota Public Records Law states that every citizen of the state and country is entitled to access any government information through different government organizations.

What information can arrest records provide?
Arrest records of the state of Vermont are a document that contains information like arrest, detention, apprehension, and questioning of the person allegedly involved or planning to commit a crime. The arrest records only give details of the events happened at the time of arrest and hence, it can’t be considered a criminal record. Once it is proven that, the offender was involved in the crime through evidence in the court of law, the arrest records are updated to criminal records.

Minnesota arrest records

How to obtain arrest records in Minnesota?

People may need to obtain the arrest records to get their professional license, documents for adoption, certain kinds of employment, or to correct some type of official information. No matter what your particular reason is, the state of Minnesota has certain procedures through which the citizens of the state can obtain, their arrest records. The residents of the state of Minnesota can get their records from the arresting law enforcement agency, the court of conviction, or the state repository. This article further discusses each of these processes of obtaining arrest records.
The state repository records for Minnesota

All the states in the USA have a central, official repository to store criminal records information. In the state of Minnesota that repository is known as the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension or the BCA. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Safety and was created in the year 1969. The BCA possesses its own Criminal History System, which helps the citizens of Minnesota to easily receive copies of their arrest records.

If you can be personally present at the BCA headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, then it is free of charge. On the other hand, if you need a printed copy of the arrest record, it will cost around $8. The money can be paid by a check or a money order. The internet can only provide you with public information if you search using a specific name.

Minnesota arrest records

The process

BCA does not mandate fingerprints check as a requirement to access arrest records, in the state of Minnesota. Although from time to time the authorities may as for the fingerprints to further identify an individual.

a. In-person queries: For any arrest records request you need to fill up the Data Request Form. You can download and print a hard copy of the form, to take it with you to the BCA headquarters. The address is – BCA headquarter, St Paul, 1430 Maryland Ave East, Minnesota 55106-2802. The person requesting the information also needs to carry a valid government id.

b. Mailed request: Alternatively you can also mail the data request form along with details like your full name, date of birth, current address and the details of the records that you are requesting. The letter can be mailed to the above-given address.

C, Through CCH: Another way of accessing arrest records in Minnesota is by doing name only checks to see someone’s public records. The CCH website can provide wit all the necessary information.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!