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Arrest Records Search MississippiArrest Records are a detailed investigative report chronicling the incarceration of a person, along with other particulars relating to their case such as the nature of the crime committed by the individual, police report, police interrogation, the confession of the person, the court dates, criminal charges against them, and details regarding their confinement.

Who Can Access Arrest Records?

According to the Mississippi Public Records Act, any person has the right to request, view, examine, and reproduce arrest records. However, the subject of the records can remain confidential, especially in highly sensitive cases involving men of repute.

Arrest records are sought by potential employers, possible romantic interests, and criminal investigations that require details of a past case. You will require a signed consent form by the individual or a court order to access physical records. Additionally, a scan of your fingerprint is required for authentication.

Mississippi arrest records

Types of Arrest Records

Accessing arrest records in Missippi is fairly easy. Since all records are easily accessible, this ushers a sense of transparency and honesty. There are two main kinds of records that you can access in the state: Records relating to the individual, and arrest records for a particular area.
  • Arrest records on the subject: When you request records for a subject in the state of Mississippi, you can get unbridled access to all the documents about that person. Bear in mind that you will only receive records of crimes that have been committed in Missippi. Any crimes that the person partook in outside the state will not be documented.
  • Arrest records of the area: If you request arrest records of a particular area, you can gain access to all the arrest records of a particular place during a certain period. You can only gain access to arrests that took place in the past 48 or 72 hours depending on the local law enforcement agency.
Searching for arrest records online

If you are looking for arrest records for Missippi online, you can easily access the website of the local sheriff's office. These websites can provide you with a detailed explanation of how you can access various arrest records using the search tools provided.

Hancock County

All the people detained by the law enforcement officials of Hancock County can be located by accessing the Hancock County Inmate List. The names of the people currently detained by the police are listed by their last name, first name, middle name, booking date, and release date. You can additionally find other details about them such as their mugshot, age, race, gender, other personal details, details of their arresting officer, and their address.

Mississippi arrest records

Harrison County

You can access the arrest records of an individual who was detained in Harrison County by accessing the Harrison County inmate search. All the details of a person can be easily accessed by entering the first and last name of the individual.

Lauderdale County

You can access any Arrest Report of a person through the county's government-sanctioned, third party website. These reports are not categorized according to name, but rather by the date of arrest.

Madison County

You can obtain arrest records of inmates of Madison County by accessing the website of the Madison County Detention Center. You can find all arrest records of the person, including their full name, age, date of birth, arrest date, agency responsible for their arrest, and their charge. Additional information available includes their bond information, personal details, and their release date.

Being detained by law enforcement officials does not mean that an individual was guilty of committing a crime. It is advised that you conduct a full background check on the person before writing them off as a convict.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!