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Nevada Arrest Records Search

The State of Nevada Public Records Law has made it mandatory for authorities to provide public records such as arrest records, criminal records, jail records, court records, etc. to the citizens of Nevada. Accessing these records help people in the state to know about the conduct of antisocial elements, criminals and murderers. It also updates them with activities of local and state governments.

These records are given to the public through different domains so that they can discreetly research, examine and study the records for personal and other purposes. Any citizen of Nevada and USA can request for these records paying no or a nominal fee and he doesn’t have to state any reason to access the public records including arrest records. The law only prohibits people from accessing if the records are sensitive and of national importance.

The State of Nevada started collecting and preserving records from the year 1851. These records contain information regarding arrest, criminal activity and other vital information of offenders covering all the 16 counties.

Getting an Arrest Records in Nevada
Fundamentals of Arrest Records in Nevada

The arrest records in Nevada contain details of the apprehension and detention of a person concerning his intention of committing a crime. An arrest record is not considered the criminal record in Nevada until it is proven in the court of law. It is just a document where the details of date, place, time, personal information and type of criminal activities are mentioned while arresting a person.

The public records in Nevada can be accessed through different government organizations. These government organizations provide information on requests without charging any fee or in some cases a small fee for their service. Below are the government organizations and methods through which you can access public records including arrest records in Nevada.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

FBI is the primary investigative agency of the country and it stores all types of records collected from different states. On another hand, local agencies are only allowed to store records pertaining to their respective states. You can either directly visit or contact the agency or send an mail requesting for arrest records. You will be asked to provide information like personal details, fingerprints and pay a fee to get the records mailed to your home or email address.

Nevada Department of Public Safety

The General Services Division of the Nevada Public Safety takes care of providing public records including arrest records to the people. As in the case of the FBI, here too you need to provide some personal details, identification copy and fingerprints to get the records mailed to your address or emailed through the internet. You can also visit the office of public safety and directly request the arrest records. They charge a nominal fee equal to the cost of printing or other services they provide.

Arrest Records in Nevada

County Offices

You can directly visit offices like county Sheriff’s office if you know the exact place of crime. Police stations, courts, and other government investigative agencies present in the locality also provide records on request.


The best and easy way to access any records including arrest records is to search websites that provide information on different records. You are just a few clicks away from getting the records you need. Due to the digitization of public records, all the states in USA provide records online and the State of Nevada is no exception to that. All the government agencies of Nevada State have their respective websites, which you can visit to access arrest records. You can also buy the records from vendors or visit third party websites to get arrest records.

If you find your name in arrest records, then you should seek the help of a professional lawyer so that you could erase your name from arrest records.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!