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Kansas Arrest Records Search

If you wish to do a background check of someone in Kansas, then there is a website for it called There you will find the criminal history record check application. This information is available to you when you fill the following details –

The general information, finding fingerprints, checking the criminal record, and a certified document. Here you will find all information submitted by the police, information that comes to the portal through offices of sheriffs, lawyers, advocates, and courts throughout the jurisdiction.

It has all the arrest notifications by who the police in the nations have arrested all; it has all the individual identity of the people arrested by the city police, all personal records if an individual or an organization has committed the crime is also taken into account. You should know which organization is that, these are called the trap sheets, and if you have been found guilty of a crime more than once, then that will also be there in the trap sheet, if you are a habitual offender then that means that the police might catch you and never evict you thereafter.

If you have a criminal record in the last 12 months, then that is also taken into account. If you were charged for a crime but did not face arrest, then that too is part of the records. If the cases were successfully disposed of, then that also would be mentioned in your criminal record.

Kansas arrest records

Juveniles who have charges levied against them will also have to face trial if similar reports keep coming against them.

Types of records are –


These are inked and rolled, and besides name-based verification, you would find prints based documents. The name-based search and the fingerprint-based search will give the same results. There is a new fingerprint detection in the records now, which are called electronic-based fingerprints. This is helpful in civil cases and called live scans. The fingerprint form is called the form FD 258.

Time –

You can conduct a check between 4 in the morning to midnight. Between the other hours, the website is rendered inoperative because of maintenance.

Why this website?

This website is running because the Kansas police wish to have criminal records open to the Kansas public. There are 25 million people who have their names in criminal history. There is data from all over the state. It is a fair and just society in the USA, and that is the motto of Kansas police and the public as well.

The information that would be present on the website is the names of all offenders, a photograph, the date of birth, fingerprints, addresses, warrants, and conviction history.

Kansas arrest records
If a person is as much as apprehended to have done some wrong, then that record will also be there in the criminal record, same for when the police have questioned someone, and what the case status is will also be part of this information. The records of those arrested by a private person or someone who is a peace officer will also be taken care of provided that the crime has been reported as a punishment of more than one year.

The sins of which there are records are assault, fraud, trespassing, and driving crimes. The same goes for a more serious crime, such as murder and robbery or sex offenses. This is not just a criminal record but also jail and inmate records. The jail and inmate records are in which offenders have been shut in the same prison cell. This information comes to use when shuffling of inmates is being done.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 1, 2022
Sensitive Information!