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Maine Arrest Records Search

Maintaining criminal records, which may help people and the public to be aware of a person or criminals, has been made mandatory across the USA. An individual can access records such as criminal, arrest records, court records, vital records, jail records, etc. in different ways. Among the records, the arrest record is of most important since it gives an idea about how many times a person had been arrested in the past.

Through accessing arrest records, you can get information on a person’s criminal history and decide whether he can be trusted with his service or a job. This ensures that you take a correct decision while trusting a person and protect yourself, family and property.

Most of the states in the USA have made arrest records public. The State of Maine has been collecting criminal information from the year 1892 and preserving it as public information. The digitization of arrest and other records was started thirty years back making it easy for citizens across America to access the records online.

Basics of Arrest Records

An arrest record is a document containing vital information about a person who had been arrested in the past for criminal activities. A person can get arrested for illegal and criminal activity if the concerned authority believes his actions would harm people and society. Arrests are carried out even if authorities find out that a person is planning to execute a criminal activity alone or with other individuals.

Maine Arrest Records

An arrest record of a person contains details like photograph, name, address, age, height, fingerprints, criminal charges, date and time of arrests, etc. Apart from arresting for criminal activity, a person is arrested for violation of conditions of parole or prohibition.

Since the arrest records are made public by the State of Maine in all the counties, an individual can access arrest records through different means. The following are the ways a person can access arrest records.

Investigative Agencies

A person can personally contact investigative agencies like FBI, NIA or other local agencies to get arrest records. He may have to follow a few procedures before applying for access to arrest records.

Police Stations

Visiting police station and requesting for arrest records is also an option in the State of Maine. It only takes filling a few forms and divulging a few details about you to get arrest records from a police station. Most of the time, police stations store records, which are under their jurisdiction. If you want some other arrest records, you may have to visit the office of concerned authorities.

Public Safety Office

Public safety offices of all the states maintain criminal records. The public safety office of the State of Maine also maintains such records and you can access them by paying a nominal fee.

Maine Arrest Records


In today’s world, every information is available on the internet. With most of the government agencies digitizing information for easy access, people are only one click away from accessing arrest records. The State of Main, through varies government agencies and authorities, has put the arrest and other records online. A person can visit their sites and instantly get the records he is looking for.

People can access records through third-party websites or buy records from private companies for a fee. Most of the time, these records are incomplete since they only contain publicly available information. If you want records in detail, then you have to visit government authorities.

Finding your name in arrest records is a very disturbing matter. Sometimes authorities mistakenly place your name in arrest records. Hence, it is advised to check arrest records periodically so that you are not affected by it. In serious cases, it is better to consult a professional lawyer to get your name out of arrest records or reduce the sentence given by the court.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!