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Missouri Arrest Records Search

The Missouri Sunshine Act states that the information obtained by the government should be made available to the general public at any cost. Adhering to the act, the State of Missouri has made all the records available in its archives public. Records like arrest records, criminal records, jail records, court records and vital records have been kept in different public platforms through various government departments and agencies. People can access these public records including arrest records and use them to study, research, examine, print or publish. Contacting any one of the departments would provide them any sort of public records.

The State of Missouri began collecting and recording public information from the year 1752. The records cover information from all the 144 counties making it easy for citizens to access any records including arrest records.

Basics of Arrest Records in Missouri

Missouri arrest records specify details of a person detained, questioned or apprehended during the process of crime or planning a crime. The arrest records indicate that the person was taken into custody but they never imply that the person was found guilty of the crime he was involved in. The arrest records are updated to criminal records once the person is sentenced in the court of law. The arrest records contain details like the offender’s date of birth, address, occupation, type of crime, etc. including the methods of questioning and detention

Arrest records can be obtained from several government authorities of the State of Missouri. The procedure involves filling up of forms and completing some formalities. The following agencies and methods help you in getting arrest records in the State of Missouri.

Getting an Arrest Records in Missouri
Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS)

The Criminal Justice Information Services Division or shortly known as CJIS is the primary department responsible for compiling, maintaining and dispersing criminal records including arrest records. This division comes under Missouri State Highway Patrol. You get the arrest records by visiting the division office or you can log into Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) to access arrest records. You need to provide an identical copy of fingerprints as part of the procedure to get arrest records. The fee to get records ranges from $14 to $20 depending upon the service they provide.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Being the primary investigative agency of the country, the FBI is entitled to provide public records including arrest records to the citizens of America. The agency compiles and updates records periodically from all over the country making it a one-stop place to get any records. You can get arrest records of Missouri State by providing identification or fingerprints. A visit to their branch office or website is enough to get the records. You may be charged depending upon the service you seek from the bureau.

Other Government Authorities

Law enforcement authorities like police departments, department of justice, attorney general office and Sherriff’s department are also places to get arrest records. All these departments are legally bound to disperse public records including arrest records on request.

Arrest Records in Missouri

All the public departments have their respective websites making it easy for people to access records from the comfort of the home. As mentioned earlier, the CJIS has accurate and comprehensive information regarding the arrest records. A visit to the site would help you to understand the procedures involved in obtaining arrest records.

They also require identification or fingerprints depending upon the information you seek. You can also get the arrest records from private vendors or visit third party websites to get arrest records. The fee to obtain records through third party websites is usually higher than government websites. For authentic and accurate records, it is better to visit official websites.

Consulting a professional lawyer would be helpful in expunging your name from arrest records. Delaying the process may affect your daily life.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 1, 2022
Sensitive Information!