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How to get Arrest Records in Montana?

Montana State allows its citizens to view public records as they believe public availability of records is a fundamental responsibility of freedom and democracy. Public records include vital records like birth and death records along with marriage divorce and other police reports. When someone applies for a new job or hunts for a space to live or work, the house owner or the employer wishes to know the background of that person.

Why the background check is important?

By checking public records and other criminal records one can assure, the person whom they are hiring is not a criminal or law offender. In case if they find a criminal record matching the person’s name then they can decide whether to proceed with the deal or cancel it. The flexibility to search arrest records and other criminal records in Montana helps the citizens to live peacefully and safely.

Arrest Records in Montana
What are arrest records?

Montana state records are available in digitized form. One can access these records from government offices or from the state websites. There are also third-party websites available through which one can access these public records. The arrest records are a detailed criminal report created by a judiciary bench and is issued to arrest a person who is charged with a crime. The arrest records are issued by the court for crimes like misdemeanor or felony. Montana arrest records are not full-fledged criminal records. These are documents that specify what is the charge and why the impending is arrest happening. The judicial bench issues the arrest warrant to the police department. The arrest warrant is limited to locality and territories. After the arrest and interrogation, if the criminal is jailed, an arrest record is created. In general, a criminal record has information about the arresting officer, investigating officer, jurisdiction, etc. along with the regular details mentioned below.

  • Full Name
  • Alias
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Date and place of arrest
  • Arresting officer name
  • Case status
  • Prison identification number
  • Mug shot
  • fingerprint
  • Crime details
  • The address of the detention center or jail
  • Issuer name of an arrest warrant
  • Conviction history

What are the important details of arrest records?

Arrest records are public record documents that contain information about the custody undertaking and the number of people involved in the crime. In Montana, arrest records are not the only proof for one’s criminal activity and involvement in the crime. When an arrest record is combined with a criminal record the suspect’s charges are proven. The arrest record helps one to learn the following information about a person

  1. Full name /alias
  2. Arrest date
  3. Indictment
  4. Pending dispositions, lawsuits on their name
  5. Charges filed
  6. Charges dismissed
  7. Conviction information gathered from local courts and law enforcement offices
  8. Trial details
  9. Appeal details in courts
  10. Prisoner details in jail or state-run correction facilities
  11. A mug shot of the concerned person
  12. Arrest records and outstanding warrants
  13. Bail details
  14. Bail bond
  15. Court hearing details
  16. Prosecution details
Montana Arrest Records Search

In Montana along with arrest record, the conviction record, jail inmate record, release record, etc. are available in the official website. One can view these records and if required ask for more information and check with the concerned person. In case if these details are required to be published in any public portal, one has to obtain permission from the concerned person who has the criminal record on his/her name.

How to procure arrest records in Montana?

Montana grants full rights to every citizen under the Montana Public records act to access any public record information managed by local agencies and the Department of Justice. Arrest records can be retrieved by the following means:

  1. Public State records can be accessed from Public Record storage and acquisition website of the US state record
  2. One can visit the website and check for the appropriate arrest record details by mentioning the first name last name and record type.
  3. The state maintains over 9.5 million criminal records
  4. The phone number to contact for inquiry is (406)-7358
  5. There are third party websites through which one can connect to the state digital library and fetch details.
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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!