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New Jersey Arrest Records Search

Studies show that the New Jersey State Police regularly gets inquiries from citizens, businesses and government agencies on the procedures and regulations to obtain the arrest and criminal history record of an individual. To answer these questions, the New Jersey State Police has created a website to assist people in finding answers to their questions in this process.

Entities authorized in New Jersey to get CHRI:

The New Jersey Administrative Code has authorized the Dissemination of the Criminal History Record Information, shortly called CHRI in the state by the State Bureau of Identification, Identification & Information Technology Section and the New Jersey State Police. These entities are referred to as SBI, I&ITS, and NJSP respectively. Accordingly, the following entities are permitted to get all records of convictions in the state court from the SBI. They can obtain details of all charges of pending arrests, age and charges of New Jersey Laws Violations unless such records are expunged:

  • An individual, interested in seeing his own criminal and arrest details.
  • Private detectives certified by the Division of the State Police. They can get the detail for the furtherance of carrying out their statutorily authorized functions.
  • Lawyers-at law approved by any state in the United States to use in any contested issues labeled in any federal or state court or administrative agencies in the state.
New Jersey arrest records

  • An individual or a private entity in any state. They can get the records only if they plan to directly engage the services of the person in the record. They can use the information gathered for identifying the qualification of the individual for volunteering work, employment or other performance of any service.
  • Government entities in New Jersey or the federal government agencies or the agencies from other states for any official purpose. The purpose can be employment, licensing or procurement of service. Even, the details can be obtained for other valid purposes by the federal and state government agencies.

How to obtain arrest records in New Jersey?

The NJSP uses the services of IDEMIA for live scan fingerprinting. This is a private company that has contracted with NJSP. If you need the arrest record of a person, you will have to get your fingerprints captured by IDEMAI on a scheduled time, place and date. To make the scheduling happen quickly, you can do it through the official website link that you will find in the Universal Fingerprint forms available on the website of NJSP. The web scheduling facility is offered 24/7. In case you do not have web access, you can call IDEMIA on Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 noon for a schedule. If you need, Spanish-speakers will also assist you there.

New Jersey arrest records
Here is the process to follow:

Download the appropriate form:

You will find different Universal Fingerprint Forms on the website of NJSP. You will have to download the appropriate form C or D based on the requirements. You should fill-up the form and should carry it to your scheduled place for fingerprint appointment. You should also carry proper identification. You will find the list of accepted identification details in the form. The home address that you provide in the fingerprint application should be the same in the identification you carry. You should provide complete details about your volunteer or employer in the form.


The fee charged for this service is $42.80. This fee includes the vendor fee of $12 and associated state sales tax. You can make the payment of the fee through electronic debit, prepaid debit cards, Discover, American Express, Master Card or VISA Card.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!