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North Carolina Arrest Records Search

In North Carolina, arrest records are regarded as public records. There are various reasons why an individual or an organization may require to access an arrest record in the state of North Carolina. For example, an organization or an employer might require to check the existence of an arrest record for their new candidate as a part of their background check process before recruiting them in the state. An arrest record is a type of criminal record, which is not quite difficult to procure.

As has been mentioned before that apart from court records and criminal records, arrest records are treated as public records in the state of North Carolina. Public records in North Carolina were created as early as in the year 1850. The repository consists of details from all the one hundred counties of this state.

Why is the need to get arrest records in North Carolina?

Many people in the state of North Carolina at times want to get a copy of their own criminal records. There are several valid reasons to seek information. One of the reasons can be to satisfy the request of their potential employer. There are other reasons too for obtaining a copy of their arrest records. These include checking for the accuracy of data for a person who does have such a record so that the same can be submitted to an adoption agency. Another common reason could be for the victims of identity theft, who wish to make it sure that the offender did not commit a criminal offense by using their identities in the state of North Carolina. Irrespective of whatever the reasons could be to get an arrest record, there are various ways people in the state can procure their arrest records in North Carolina.

The state or the county ascertains the information available on the criminal record. Typically, the following persons may need the criminal record of a person in the state of North Carolina.

  1. Lenders
  2. Potential employers
  3. Business partners
  4. Landlords

Criminal records in North Carolina

In North Carolina, criminal records refer to the following:

  1. Past and present arrests in the state
  2. Court warrants
  3. State and Federal bankruptcies
  4. Distinguishing body markings, and physical characteristics such as birthmarks, tattoos, and scars
  5. Any owner of a property
  6. Any convicted misdemeanor or felonies in the state
  7. History of the criminal's residence address
  8. Basic identifying details such as age, name, driver's license number, and date of birth

Methods of getting an arrest record in the state of North Carolina

An individual who is not an acquaintance of yours can still utilize your criminal record for getting a sense of your criminal past, character, as well as, how trustworthy you are. As an arrest record is public information, there is no requirement to give any kind of justification to get them. However, to get criminal records in the state, a person should follow a specific process. One way to obtain a criminal record in North Carolina is to get in touch with the clerk in a court of that county where you live. Another easy and simple way to get an arrest record is through public databases or repositories online. Although these online [public databases are not related to the State Bureau of Investigation, they offer criminal records including your desired arrest record for a fee.

Steps for getting an arrest record in North Carolina online

  1. Go to com to open the home page of the website
  2. Enter the following details: First name and Last name for the person whose record you wish to look up online
  3. Select the record type
  4. Select North Carolina from the drop-down box
  5. Finally, click on the search box to see your desired record
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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!