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Ohio Arrest Records Search

In the state of Ohio, The Computerized Criminal History Records including the Arrest Records are maintained by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Shortly referred to as BCI, this body does not make these records public records. So, the authorized publishing of arrest records in the state is restricted. Nevertheless, if you wish to get your own arrest records in Ohio, it is highly possible. You can get a copy of your own computerized criminal history from the BCI. You can review the record for completeness and accuracy. Now, your question is how to get this record. Here are some details to help you:

What is the procedure to follow to get the criminal records including arrest records?

You can gather information pertaining to your criminal records that are being maintained by BCI. You can do this by submitting the following requirements:

  • Your full name with the present address. Other identifying characteristics of yourself.
  • Your complete set of fingerprints.
  • Consent with your signature to get your arrest records.
  • Money order, a business check or an electronic payment for $22. It should be made payable to the Treasurer of the State of Ohio.
Getting an Arrest Records in Ohio

Submission of Electronic Fingerprints:

You can submit your electronic fingerprints for applying to a copy of your criminal records in any of the following location of BCI:

  • BCI Youngstown
  • BCI Richfield
  • BCI Bowling Green
  • BCI London

You also have the option to provide the required details for a background check and can submit your fingerprints electronically. You can do this through a WebCheck provider near you. The WebCheck vendor might charge a convenience fee for the service rendered. You can find a WebCheck provider near you from the website of the Ohio Attorney General.

When you plan to submit the fingerprints in person, you should carry a valid Photo ID. In the case of minors applying for their criminal records, they will have to submit a waiver signed by their legal guardian or parent.

Challenging the contents of your criminal records:

You have the option to challenge the contents of your computerized criminal history. You can do this if you find the contents are not correct after you get the record. To do it, you will have to gather any available corroboration or proof to prove your claim. Then, you will have to get in touch with the agency that is responsible for what you claim to be incorrect in your record. In general, the agency will be your local police department, the Sheriff’s office in your county or the common pleas or municipal court that has entered the details in your criminal records. However, BCI does not maintain any sort of court documents that can help you with this.

Arrest Records in Ohio
To gather arrest records of others:

In Ohio, strict rules prevail and it is not easy to obtain arrest records of another person. However, you can try third-party services that offer public record access through a search option. Using such a service, you will be requested to enter the first name, last name, and county in which the person resides. Check whether you can find the arrest records of another person using such a service. Otherwise, the best option available to you is to talk to an attorney or even a private investigator, who might be in a position to help you with gathering the arrest records of another person.


So, to get arrest records in Ohio, you will have to follow a set of procedures. But, if you need the arrest records of another person, you cannot do it without the consent of that person. You can apply to BCI only with the signature of the concerned person if you need arrest records of a third person.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 1, 2022
Sensitive Information!