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Rhode Island Arrest Records SearchPublic records such as criminal records, arrest records, court records, jail records, vital records, etc. are important information preserved by respective states across the USA and they are placed in the public domain. These records can be accessed by people to check whether they have been listed in it or not or to see whether a particular person was involved in crime in the past. Most of the states divulge records to any individual if he or she follows a certain procedure. Among the public records, arrest records are the important information to know since you might be mistakenly placed in it or you might want to take out the name from the records if you had been arrested in the past for a minor crime.

The State of Rhode Island is maintaining public records from the year 1775 and it contains information from all the 67 counties. Thirty years ago, The State of Rhode Island started digitizing the public records so that people can access the records easily. Like any other state, Rhode Island to provides arrest and other records through different government authorities and agencies.

Arrest Records in Rhode Island
Arrest Records in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island arrest records mainly contain information about an individual taken into custody on suspicion or allegation of crime. It also contains details of ongoing court procedure, pending arraignment and possibility of bail and release. An arrest record is not considered criminal record till the person involved is sentenced in the court of law. Once the person gets sentenced, his record is updated from arrest record to criminal record.

There are several ways to get arrest records in the State of Rhode Island. You may contact, visit or mail the authorities to get arrest records. The following are some of the methods to get arrest records in Rhode Island.
District Attorney’s Office

The Rhode Island District Attorney’s Office allows people to contact through phone, mail or personal visit to get public records including arrest records. A fee of around $5 is to be paid by the person seeking access to any public records. The attorney’s office mainly contains information limited to the State of Rhode Island. For national records, you should contact the Attorney General or Rhode Island State Police.

Attorney General’s Office

Attorney General’s office maintains all public records including arrest records in the State of Rhode Island. The information includes both local and national records. For accessing local records, you have pay around $5 and for national records around $35. You can either get the records in the form of a soft or hard copy.

Rhode Island arrest records

Police Department

The Rhode Island Police department is the primary agency, which not only records the information but also updates it periodically. A visit to your nearby police station with a copy of identification would get you any records including arrest records. As in the case of the District Attorney and Attorney General’s office, you have to pay a small fee to get the records you are looking for.


You can mail or simply enter the name and other details on the websites of departments or offices mentioned above to get a copy of the arrest records. The State of Rhode Island has digitized all the public records so that people can access from the comfort of their homes. You can also buy records from private vendors for a sum of fees or visit third party websites to get the arrest or other records. There are several vendors and websites, which sell or allow you to access records.

It always better to contact or visit websites of government authorities to get the arrest records. In case you want to take out your name from the arrest records, you should consult an experienced lawyer.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!