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Mike Tyson Arrest Records

Life in Short

Mike Tyson was born in Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York, United States, on June 30, 1966. He was two years old when his father left the house. At the age of 10, with financial difficulties, he moved to Brownsville, one of the poorest and most violent neighborhoods in New York. At the age of 11, Mike Tyson began boxing in a reformatory, encouraged by the director of the institution, a former boxer.

He was a huge child, and at the age of 12, he weighed over 80 kilos. He liked to get into trouble and used to commit small robberies, and by the age of 13, he had been arrested as many as 38 times. At around this age only, he was discovered by boxing coach and businessman Cus d'Amato, who took responsibility for his career.

Cus and his wife adopted Tayson, who began to devote himself entirely to training and amateur wrestling. At the age of 14, he was trained by Jan Vojik, becoming a middleweight Olympic champion. At the age of 15, Mike Tyson became the heavyweight youth champion of the United States. At the age of 16, he won the World Youth Championship. In 1985, he entered professional boxing and soon won as many as 15 fights in which he participated, 11 of them by knockout. In 1986, at the age of 20 and four months, he won the belt and became the youngest heavyweight world champion, defeating Trevor Berbick.

Mike Tyson Mugshots

In 1987, Mike Tyson won world titles for the International Boxing Federation and the World Boxing Association. In 1988, he won three bouts, all by knockout. That same year, he married actress and model Robin Givens, but the marriage didn’t last long and they soon separated. Between 1990 and 1991, he won all four fights and challenged champion Evander Holyfield to a fight. However, his life record is not very clean and he has been held guilty for various crimes he was accused of during his life.

Accusation of Rape

In 1991 he was part of the jury of the Miss America contest but ended up being accused of rape by the candidate Desiree Washington. On February 10, 1992, a jury convicted Mike Tyson for the violation of Desiree Washington, the 18-year-old model. He was sentenced to 10 years, 6 in prison and 4 on probation.

In July 1991 Tyson met Desiree Washington in the rehearsal of the Miss Black America contest in Indianapolis (Indiana), in which the young model participated. Washington alleged that the boxer tricked her into taking her to his hotel room, where the crime was committed. Tyson, on the other hand, maintained that the sexual act happened with her consent. However, the twelve jurors, who deliberated for almost 9 and a half hours, found him guilty.

During his time in prison, he studied Islam and the writings of Mao Tse-tung and Malcolm X. He was released for good behavior 3 years later, and he made his return to the ring soon after.

Mike Tyson Criminal Records

License Revoke

Tyson regained the world title in 1996 but lost it the following year to Evander Holyfield. When Tyson lost the first two rounds, he became agitated. Before starting the third, the boxer left his corner without his mouthguard. The referee noticed and ordered him to put it on to resume the fight. With 40 seconds left of that assault, Mike approached Holyfield and blatantly bit his ear. He ripped a piece of 2 centimeters and then spit it out in the ring.

Evander began to jump in pain, while blood spilled from his right side. It was all confusion and the assistants got into the ring. The match was suspended and minutes later, a piece of Holyfield's ear was lifted off the floor. Because of this incident, his boxing license was withdrawn and he was fined three million dollars, although he returned to the rings in October 1998.

Other issues

The boxer has also been the protagonist of other altercations with the law and has been fighting his drug addiction and facing hard economic problems after announcing his bankruptcy for mismanagement of his fortune. He retired from boxing in 2005.

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