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Crime of Passion Law Nebraska

A homicide takes place when a person kills another. Certain homicides are considered legal while others are considered illegal. Nebraska law classifies homicides into several categories like first-degree murder, second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, voluntary manslaughter, and lastly motor vehicle homicide. Read the following article to understand What Is Crime of Passion Law.

Murder and Manslaughter

Usually, illegal killings that are carried out with bad intentions are categorized as murders while illegal killings that happen without evil intentions are called manslaughters. The word ‘malice’ is generally used in this context to denote the intention to kill or cause serious injury to the body.

Voluntary and Involuntary Manslaughter under Nebraska Crime of Passion Law

Note that in Nebraska Crime of Passion Law and involuntary manslaughter law makes things slightly complicated. The major difference is the question of whether it was carried out willfully or not. In a majority of the states, voluntary manslaughter is included under unintentional killing as the offender did not intend to murder the victim, but the killing took place under the “heat of passion”. Besides, involuntary manslaughter is included in the category of unintentional killing as it results from criminal negligence or recklessness.

Nebraska Crime Passion Law

Based on the Crime of Passion Law Nebraska, involuntary manslaughter is considered illegal. However, it is also considered unintended murder caused without evil intentions due to the defendant’s attempt at an illegal action. Involuntary manslaughter is not considered as a lower degree of crime than voluntary manslaughter. Instead, it is a killing that takes place without an evil intent and caused by a quick provocation. This is the case even if the killing took place during an unlawful act.

Nebraska's Crime of Passion Law Statute

Prohibited Actions

Killing another person without any evil intentions or “malice” during a sudden quarrel.


The crime of Passion Law in Nebraska considers voluntary manslaughter as a Class III felony. It is punishable with a prison sentence between 1 and 20 years and/or fine up to a maximum of $25,000.

Features of the Crime of Passion Law

An intended murder when committed without a bad intention after a “sudden quarrel” is what makes up a manslaughter incident. Based on this law, the term “sudden quarrel” is legally recognized and is enough to cause a normal man to lose his/her self-control.

The usage “sudden quarrel” does not mandate the exchange of harsh words or a confrontation resulting in illegal killing and does not need a physical struggle or other exchanges between the two parties.

Nebraska Crime of Passion Law
To allow a rightful claim of voluntary manslaughter under the Crime of Passion Law in Nebraska, the state has to prove without any doubt that the defendant wanted to kill and carried out the killing. This is necessary when proving a conviction for killing a person without malice after a “sudden quarrel”.

When there is a claim that a killing happened after a “sudden quarrel”, there are fundamentally three elements involved in the manslaughter crime: the killing of a person, after “sudden quarrel”, and without evil intent or malice.

If the person points a gun, it is considered a reckless act within the law. It is an unlawful act that is enough to vouch for a conviction of manslaughter if the gun discharges. Manslaughter is further described as the killing that happened due to a sudden quarrel, which is a legally accepted and enough provocation, causing a rational person to lose their sense of control.

The above includes an outline of the voluntary manslaughter law or the Crime of passion law in Nebraska. Make sure you read the above if you want to know what does the crime of passion mean.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
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