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What are Arrest Records? Our Definition:

Arrest records are combined public records which are aggregated through every local sheriff office and the arrest records and detentions sheriff departments make on a daily basis.The sheriff department documents and process every arrest they make in public. These arrest records are considered knowledge. GoLookUp, collects arrest records from every local sheriff department website and inputs that information into GoLookUp data. After the data is organized, we make it easy for you to search for arrest records.

what are arrest records

Arrest Records and Criminal Records: Are They the Same?

These type of records can be classified as the same, however, they are the same and they are not the same. Arrest records are considered criminal records. A criminal record may include arrest records of an individual. When a criminal record background check is made, there is a very high probability that arrest records will show up on.

Are Arrest Records Actual Convictions?

Its important to remember, arrest records are not conviction records. Arrest records are the very same records and documents of an actual arrest. They are not conviction records, and the people being arrested and document are innocent until proven guilty.

What Do Arrest Records Include?

You may find within arrest records the following: *Charges and Offenses against a person *Department of Booking
*Sheriff Department Records

*First Name and Last Name
*Alias and Middle Name
*Exact Dates and Location of Arrest
*Location of Crime
*The Category of Which the Arrest Crime Belongs to *Case Type and Case Number
*The Location of Arrest where the Individual is Held

Who Has the Jurisdiction to Make An Arrest?

Depending on the jurisdiction of the county, it can vary who can make the actual arrest. In most cases any officer of the law can make an arrest if he/she has probable cause to perform an arrest. This means an officer must show and proof a circumstance where he or she has suspicion of crime which has been committed.

What is Probable Cause?

Probably cause means that police authorities have a valid reason to perform an arrest with or without a warrant for a suspect.

What is a Citizen Arrest?

The short answer to this is that: An arrest made by a citizen without having any law authority whatsoever. This is also known as ‘any person arrest’. Its important to know that if a person has taken upon themselves to make an arrest, they are making themselves vulnerable to law suits and criminal charges.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 22, 2021
Sensitive Information!