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Winona Ryder Arrest Records

Who is Winona Ryder?

Winona Ryder is an American actress. She is one of the famous and reputed actresses in Hollywood and has acted in many hit films and won many awards for her performances. Among her top films are Girl Interrupted, Black Swan, and Star Trek. She has been involved in controversies during her career. Her relationship with actor Johnny Depp has put her in the spotlight. She was involved in a major controversy when she was arrested for shoplifting. After the incident, she was out of work for nearly five years and was later on able to revive her career.

What was the crime for which Winona Ryder was arrested?

When we look at Winona Ryder crime story we find one incident that occurred in 2001 that put her under severe scrutiny of the media and the public. The Winona Ryder arrest record was for her involvement in a shoplifting incident that brought her infamy.

The Winona Ryder police record explains the details of the incident and tells about her arrest.

In 2001, Winona Ryder was shoplifted for stealing designer clothes at a top store. Her lawyer went on to say that the incident was a misunderstanding and it was not actually a crime. However, the incident earned her much notoriety and it became a big scandal at that time, one that affected her professional career forcing her to take a break.

She finished her shopping on 12th December 2001 at Saks Fifth Avenue store in Beverly Hills and she was leaving she was stopped and checked. It was found that she had designer clothes worth $5500 with her for which she had not paid the bill. She was accused of shoplifting and the store called the police. The Office of the DA filed four charges of felony against her. She hired celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos to defend her in court.

The DA’s office refused to allow her a no contest. The charges of shoplifting, vandalism, and grand theft were filed against her and she underwent a jury trial. Her lawyer tried to project her as being a victim of a conspiracy by the store security. Interesting the head of Mandalay Entertainment and a former head of Sony were members of the jury.
Ryder did not testify in the trial. The jury after detailed deliberations found her guilty of grand theft and vandalism in December 2002. However, the charges of burglary were dismissed. Fortunately for her, the judge spared her from imprisonment. He sentenced her to probation for a period of three years. She was asked to carry out community service for 480 hours. She was fined $3700 and was asked to pay $6355 to the store. She was also directed to undergo counseling.

In June 2004, the judge reviewed the case. Since she had completed community service, the felony charges were reduced by the judge to misdemeanors. She continued on probation until December 2005. The case affected her career and she had to take a break for nearly 5 years. She made a comeback to films in 2006 and gradually worked to revive her career. Later on, she gave an interview explaining the incident. 

She had stated that she was depressed at that time and had visited a doctor who had prescribed the medicines that had affected her mentally. She said her mental condition led to the incident. She even had a charge of drug usage against her but during pre-trial discussions, the charge was dropped by the DA’s office. The doctor who prescribed the drugs to her had his license suspended.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!