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BackgroundAlert Review: Website Review, Pricing, Features and Opt Out Information

by Andy A.

BackgroundAlert, Background Alert Review, Website Review, Pricing, Features, and Opt-Out Information

There are many reasons to run a background check, whether you are looking to get into business with someone and want to check if he is a trustworthy individual, or if you have a suspicion about a neighbor who just moved in next door, background checks can help you reveal information that can help keep you safe.

There are however many services on the internet to provide this information, so it is important to know what you will get for your money, and how it works. We will review and provide you with all the necessary information about pricing, features, and opting out of 

BackgroundAlert Review Overview is a background check service that is based in California. The company has been accredited by the better business bureau since 2016 and has been active since 2007.'s goal is to provide its users with comprehensive reports in a quick and efficient manner. The proprietary technology and data structure of the site allow users to search through billions of records and deliver results almost instantly. Claims to have 37 billion records in their database that is available for its users. Services and Features

Unlike many other background check services, has only one search option that will provide you with a report that includes a vast array of information. The results of a search can provide you with the following information:

Personal Information- The personal information that is included in the report covers all the bases by providing when available basic information such as full legal name, current address, age, birth records, death records, possible aliases and currently listed telephone number on file. 

Arrest Records- will run a criminal check on anyone you search and show you all available arrest and criminal conviction records they may have. You may also find traffic tickets, outstanding warrants and when available, the details of when and where the crime occurred and details about the offense that was committed.

Address History- The final report from a background search will provide you with an address history on anyone you search for including satellite pictures and all available details about each address. The report may also include possible roommates, phone numbers at address and census data.

Related Persons- You will also receive a complete relative report which can include siblings, parents/grandparents, cousins, aunts/uncles, and other extended family members.

Marriage/ Divorce Records- The service will search local government marriage/divorce records and provide a complete history of all available marriage or divorce records, these records typically include the month, year, location of the wedding, or reason for divorce.

Licenses- will provide you with all the available details on licenses that the person you are searching for holds from the FAA and DEA. These records show if the individual can prescribe controlled pharmaceuticals or fly a plane.

Sex Offenders- This tool will use the location of the search in order to provide you with a list of registered sex offenders that live nearby. The site report will also provide details of what they were convicted for, current address, and any available mugshots on record. If you are looking to see the list of sex offenders in your area, you can run a search on yourself. 

Partners & Associates- can track down people who are associated with the person you have searched for. Aside from relatives, you can find business associates, roommates, boyfriends/girlfriends and any other associations that may be listed on a public record. 

How to Run a Background Search?

You will need to input the first and last name of the person you are searching for as well as their state of residence. You will be forwarded to a results page with all matches to the parameters of your search, but you can refine it by age, and a more specific location if you wish to narrow the search down. After you identify the correct person you will select the “get report” button on the right-hand side. You will have to wait for the search to complete and then agree to some terms and conditions of the service. 

Following the completion of the report, you will have to create an account by inserting your email address and creating a password. The last step in the registration process is to select a plan and to insert your billing details. Following this, you will be able to download the complete report on your query. Pricing offers three plans that all a subscriber to the service unlimited searches for the duration of their membership. 

  • 1 month- 22.95 per month
  • 3 months- 14.95 per month (total of 44.85)
  • 6 months- 9.95 per month (total of 59.70) also offers premium reports for an additional 20 dollars a month. These reports contain additional details beyond what is included in the standard report. 

How to Opt-Out of

You may not want your personal information listed on the website to protect your privacy, and offers an easy way to do so. Opting out of is a very simple process. You will need to navigate to the bottom of their website and click on the “Remove My Info” link under the quick links category. You will be forwarded to a page that will ask you to provide your first name, last name, and state of residence.

After running a search and identifying yourself amongst the results you will need to input your email address in order to confirm your identity. A confirmation link will be sent to the email you provided. You will also need to prove who you are by providing a copy of your identification. This can be done by uploading it to their website, faxing it into them, or mailing it. If you select to upload, you will be able to do so right away, if you selected mail or fax you will have to do so separately.  

BackgroundAlert Overview

After completing your request to remove your information from, it may take up to 5 business days to complete the removal of your information from the site. Review

The site is very simple to use, and a lot easier than other background search sites due to the fact that there is only one search option. The only worrisome aspect is that people claimed to receive inaccurate or incomplete information which may be the result of not updating the database often enough.

Some also complained of recurring charges after they canceled the service, so if you do use the service, check your bill to make sure you have not been charged again, and if you have, be sure to contact the customer service. 


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