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Background Check Report: What Can You Expect?

by Goni S.

Background Check Report, Criminal Background Check Report

Background Check Report

So you have decided you want to conduct a background check search. You have done all your research and you are well aware that all background checks are confidential. What is a background check report and what does a background check report contain?

Every website is different, but for the most part, most reports contain much of the same information.

GoLookUp Report would contain:

First name, last name and any known aliases.

Address information. Current Address, and any known previous addresses.


Job and career information.

Phone numbers: Current phone numbers and previous phone numbers

Related friends: Anyone associated with the person you are searching

Related family and relatives. Here you will be able to view and run a report 
on anyone related to the person you are pefroming a search on. This includes immediate family
and distant family! 

Criminal records: Any offenses or arrest records that may be labeled as criminal records.

Court records: Divorce records or marriage records. Vital records and death records!

Unclaimed money and unclaimed assets. An advanced background check report would go as far as unclaimed money information for the person you are searching for.

Birth day and birth certificates.

Any warrants or police records such as mugshots or arrest booking information.

Social information: Images, blog user names and other social information that the person has been using over the years.

background check report


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