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Alabama Domestic Abuse Laws and How to Get Help for Domestic Abuse

In Alabama, domestic abuse laws forbid specific activities of physical violence between a victim and an aggressor such as wife and husband, couples in an engaging or dating relationship, and a child and the parent. The criminal offense of domestic abuse may lead to severe penalties in Alabama.

According to the state's domestic abuse law, the accused should have committed a particularly violent act to be proven guilty of the offense of domestic violence or abuse. Another important element is that a certain relationship should exist between the victim and the defendant according to the definition of the statute.

The victim and domestic abuser

The law in Alabama acknowledges 3 different degrees of domestic abuse and the felony of domestic abuse by suffocation or strangulation. Check out who can be considered as a victim and an aggressor for each criminal offense.

First- second- and third-degree domestic violence

If the prosecutions ants to slap the charges of any kind of domestic violence or abuse, the victim and the accused aggressor should be in any of the relationships listed below:

  1. Couples who were or are in an engagement or dating relationship
  2. Former or current household members
  3. Parents or parent of a kid
  4. Former or current spouses

Domestic Abuse Laws

What compromises domestic violence/abuse?

According to Alabama law, the circumstances, which will allow to bring in a charge of domestic abuse, while assuming that the victim and the aggressor share any type of relationships stated here.

Domestic violence/abuse by suffocation or strangulation

The offense can take place between the relations that are listed above, On the other hand, in case the victim and the defendant were engaged or dating, their relationship should have continued with 10 months of the commission of that offense. Apart from the relationships mentioned here, domestic abuse by suffocation or strangulation forbids specific violent behaviors between a stepparent and a stepchild.

First-degree domestic violence

The charged can be brought in if the accused has committed aggravated stalking or first-degree assault.

Second-degree domestic violence

Such a criminal offense can take place if the aggressor has committed stalking though not aggravated, commits a 1st- or 2nd-degree burglary, has committed 1st-degree criminal mischief, or has intimidated a witness.

Third-degree domestic violence

Such domestic violence occurs when the aggressor has committed the offenses of 3rd-degree assault, criminal coercion, criminal surveillance, harassment, 3rd-degree criminal trespass, harassing communications, reckless endangerment, menacing, 3rd-degree arson, or 3rd- or 2nd-degree criminal mischief.

Criminal punishments

Convicted are penalized in the state of Alabama based on the crime degree while also considering previous domestic violence acts.

When a defendant is convicted of a1st-degree domestic violence, they are said to have committed a felony of type Class A. The offender may be punished by a maximum prison term of 99 years.

On the other hand, domestic violence by suffocation or strangulation and the 2nd-degree domestic violence are categorized as felines of type Class B. The guilty can be penalized by up to a prison term of 20 years.

The third-degree domestic violence is considered a misdemeanor of type Class A and carries a maximum jail term of one year.

Alabama Domestic Abuse Laws

Help for domestic abuse in Alabama

The victim of an act of domestic violence can dial the number 911 to inform and report the incident in the state of Alabama.

Alabama domestic abuse statistics

Here is a couple of key domestic abuse statistics for the state of Alabama:

  1. The state is one of those states in the United States of America that tops with respect to incidents of domestic violence/abuse in the country.
  2. The state of Alabama is ranked two in terms of the number of females who were murdered by their spouses or partners.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
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