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How to Obtain a Free Background Check in the State of

The state of Alabama began documenting public records from 1923. The state declares that every citizen of Alabama has a right to access and view public records. This right is extended to all the citizens of the United States of America, members of the media, professionals, and corporates. However, you must have a legal reason for requesting records in the state of Alabama. Simply stating that you need records without giving a reason, or that you have idle curiosity, is not a valid reason for getting the documents.

According to the laws of Alabama, you can access any record you need, except for the following:

  • Records that are connected to public libraries in the state
  • Confidential information that will threaten the security of the individual if the records are released
  • Confidential information that has been made so by the courts or through statutes
  • Judicial records relating to minors or juvenile offenders

Background check records are termed as criminal history records in Alabama. They are usually accessed by housing agencies, prospective employers, insurance investigators, and the individual themselves, for a small fee.

Alabama Free Background Check
How to request a record

You cannot access the records of another individual through official sources. However, you can request your records through the Alabama Background Check Program. Fill out the ALEA Application to Review Alabama Criminal History Record Information, and submit your fingerprints to your local law enforcement agency. Then take your documents to the following address:

301 South Ripley Street, Montgomery 36104, Alabama

If you are sending your application through mail, send your documents to the following address:

PO Box 1511, Montgomery 36102-1511, Alabama

Send a cashier's check or money order along with the documents.

Court records

If you want court records for cases that took place in Alabama, you can access for information. To access information, set up an account, pay a fee for a one-time search, or pay for updates on a case currently taking place.

Online background checks in Alabama

The best way you can conduct a background check in Alabama is through The website has a comprehensive list of the background checks of all individuals, including their court records, incarceration records, bankruptcy statement, and civil records among others. You can find all digitized records that are available with the district courts of Alabama.

Criminal records

Criminal records include a person's felonious history, including their arrest records, felony records, warrant records, misdemeanor information, and their sex-offender information history. This information is collected from a variety of sources, including local, county, and state courts, courts of appeal, trial courts, and correctional facilities situated in the state and county.

Free Background Check Alabama
Civil records

A civil record is the culmination of all the major events of an individual's life, including their birth, death, marriage, divorce, and employment information. All this information is used to compile a composite report about the population and helps the state keep track of genealogy, population, and mortality reports. Knowing a person's civil records is a very good indicator of their character.

Bankruptcy information

People file for bankruptcy when they are no longer able to pay back their loans or mortgages. In most cases, the court imposes that a person files for bankruptcy. This helps the person start their banking history afresh. While bankruptcy cases are filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court, verdicts on the cases of bankruptcy are decided following the state law. In Alabama, the debtor initiates the proceedings.

If you require background check information on a person, the best way to access these records is by accessing the specially designated offices for them. All information governed by the Alabama District Courts is available for your perusal, as long as you can specify a valid reason for requiring the records. You can access these records online or directly from the courthouse.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!