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What is the Law on Bribery in Alaska and what are the Punishments for it?

This piece provides an understanding through the intricacies of the meaning of Bribery, its major types, critical bits of a charge of bribery and the penalties for bribery in Alaska, a U.S. state in the northwest extremity of the United States West Coast.

Meaning of Bribery: The term Bribery is used for the exchange (whether giving away or taking) anything that holds a good worth for some favor or advantage which would otherwise not happen and is mostly illicit. Bribery is a form of corruption which involves offering to do something for an individual to fulfill the expressed purpose of receiving something in return.

Generally, gifts or money or items/ products of great value are offered/ taken in bribe. It is seen as a value thought to be suitable to affect one's conduct. Bribes generally include monetary benefits, goods/ products, property like houses and other buildings, other objects of great worth, to affect the action, vote, or decisions of an individual in a particular field.

Alaska Bribery Law

Major types of Bribery: Different kinds of offerings/favors are included under bribe such as tips offered, gifts in turn of fake deals or to manipulate deals, perks given in order to obtain contracts from public departments, favor, and discounts for getting the task done, cash offered to fuel the political campaigns, tickets given free of cost or even free food, aids and vacations, trade unions involved in sweetheart deals, raising funds, sponsoring, offering property and other objects. Bribery can take a number of forms. For example, a bike rider might bribe traffic police for exempting him for speeding up, a citizen getting his driving license/other documents prepared before time and without following the due procedure.

Critical bits of a charge of bribery: A phone call recorded between a cop and the individual offering the bribe can work as a proof against the cop to build up charges. The following must be the critical elements essential in order to start a case of bribery against a government employee:

• The person to whom the bribe is offered must be someone with a position in the government or a public official.

• Tangible (such as money) or intangible (such as promises) offerings having a value must be offered.

Bribery Law Alaska

• An official decision must be aimed to influence to which the person being offered with the bribe holds the power to influence.

• The intention must be clear and sufficient evidence must be present for the case.

What are the general laws for bribery in Alaska?

Sec. 11.56.100 in Alaska defines bribery. According to the law of Alaska, it can be defined as:

• An individual is involved in the offense of bribery if the individual grants, offers to grant, or agrees to grant a benefit to a public official with the intention to affect the official's decision. Sec. 11.56.110 in Alaska defines what is counted under receiving a bribe by the public official.

• an offering is made to the public official to manipulate or change his decision, vote, exercise, rights, and actions.

• The offering is received/accepted and a guarantee is taken or promise is made to mold the decision in favor of the offerer is made.

Bribery Law

Penalties and punishments concerned with bribery in Alaska:

The law of Alaska takes offense of bribery seriously and the accused is subjected to the punishment accordingly. As a result of this, the following are the punishments decided by the law for this offense:

Both offering and receiving a bribe is a class B offense. Class B offenses in Alaska are punished by a monetary fine of not more than $100,000 and three times the monetary gain or loss caused by the offense.

(As defined under Alaska Stat. Ann. § 12.55.035). A period of not more than 10 years in jail is served to the offender varying with the severity of the offense. (As defined in under Alaska Stat. Ann. § 12.55.125)


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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 22, 2021
Sensitive Information!