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How to Perform a Free Background Check in the State of Alaska?

Why do a Background Check?

An organization that is recruiting employees would want to ensure it selects the right person. The right person is one who has provided all the correct information about himself. No organization would like to select a person who makes a false statement about his criminal records. Organizations like daycare centers, schools, and health-care centers need to select people who are reliable and do not have any criminal records. They may need to mandatory opt for a background check as per law.

Any organization may want to get a background check done on employees to verify their credentials. It is especially important to hire people who do not have any criminal record and have a good financial and credit history if they deal with finance-related work. Drivers, especially of school buses, need to have a clean driving record. A background check is very helpful for all types of organizations to verify the history of potential employees.

The Background Check Report

Commonly, a criminal check is done by the police for organizations. This check would provide information like:

Alaska Free Background Check

a) Name of the person, including aliases
b) Records of arrests and warrants issued
c) Records of convictions in courts for offenses committed
d) Records of the fingerprint match
e) Whether listed on a sex offender registry

Apart from the criminal check, the driving history record, drug screening test results, medical test results, social media check, etc. are carried out by organizations as a part of a background check.

How to get a Background Check in Alaska?

In the state of Alaska, the Alaska Department of Public Safety, Statewide Services accepts background check requests. This is the official agency in the state that carried out background checks. There are two types of background checks, one based on the name and the other based on the fingerprint. This is not a free service and payment needs to be made to get the background check report.

The fee is $20 for check based on name, for a check using fingerprint, the fee is $35. The form for submitting fingerprint should be as per

Details of the procedure to get a background check done is available in

Driving history records can be obtained from the Division of Motor Vehicles. The website can be referred to find details of the procedure for the same.

Alaska Free Background Check
Getting a free Background Check in Alaska

A free background check in the state of Alaska can be carried out in different ways.

A free background check can be done to find out arrest records. This is available in the dispatch logs that are maintained by the Alaska Department of Public Safety. One can go through the logs to find arrest records for free. This can be searched by visiting

The websites of individual counties can be visited to find out details of arrests, convictions, and information on inmates of county jails. is the page from which links to various communities can be found.

Prison records can be searched to find out an offender in a prison. This search facility can be done for free by visiting the website of the Department of Corrections at

Alaska maintains a sex offender registry. Checking this is an important part of background checks. This search can be done for free by visiting and using the name of the person to search.

Information on court cases can be helpful to do a background check. This information can be searched free by visiting the website of the Alaska court system at

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!