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With the progress and advancement of nations and societies, a new wave of insecurity has gripped the minds of people. Crimes as a result of mistrust, cheating, and prejudices have been increasing at an alarming rate. Safety and security have become top priorities, and it’s not possible to compromise on trust and integrity at the workplace. Better to be safe and secure rather than be sorry; hence background checks are mandatory as per law. Background checks are necessary for various purposes by employers and other institutional purposes. They are managed and controlled by federal and state laws.

All states in the US are mandated by different compliance and regulatory Acts for which the protocol and procedures vary amongst member states of the Union.

Background Checks In The State of Arkansas:

The reason to carry out background checks is for various purposes. Only authorized agencies accredited to the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Agency) can share information on the below:

  • Check into individual records;
  • Searching for old friends;
  • Inquiring about a family of child’s playmate;;
  • Inquiring about one’s friends;
  • Exploring and research one’s ancestry.

Background checks in the state of Arkansas generally cover the following aspects: Birth and death records, property and tax records, arrest records, etc

Arkansas Free Background Check
Sometimes, there are other reasons as to when individuals may not make use of the FCRA accredited agencies to obtain information viz., for approval or denial of a job, to intentionally seek an official background check, discriminatory purposes, refusing to accept credit applications, intentional identity theft, other malicious purposes, etc

The Arkansas State Police is the official department and authority through criminal background checks are carried out. The department maintains TWO different and parallel systems to carry out criminal background checks: first, to attend to those who have a mandate to seek background checks or have a signed consent to execute a background check. Secondly, to honor those requests from anyone for any reason.

Generally, the parties who seek background checks are employers and workers with state designations.

The cost of an online background check request is $24 in case of a subscription to services, otherwise, the cost is $25.

Data Repository- Arkansas:

The state of Arkansas has an online public repository of court records:

Resident members of the state can connect to their computers and do a search. The records available are of a civil and criminal nature. Members can go through records of the Supreme Court, Appellate Courts, Circuit and District courts, etc

Criminal records are archived and stored at the Arkansas Crime Information Center. The following information can be shared:
Sex offender status and details

  • Missing person info
  • Tracking offenders
  • Victim information

The Arkansas State Archives/

has a huge database of below records:

  • County records
  • Land records
  • Church records
  • Maps
  • Military records
  • Manuscript material
  • Newspapers

In the state of Arkansas, certain jobs require a due diligence check before employment hiring i.e., those jobs/professional occupations that require special licenses.

Free Background Check Arkansas
List of some of those jobs/ professions include as below:

  • Nursing profession
  • Lawyers/ the profession of law and legal services
  • Teaching profession
  • School administrator
  • Daycare provider
  • Insurance profession

In the state of Arkansas, criminal background checks will generally include the below:

  • Arrest warrants
  • Misdemeanors of a certain class and nature
  • Felonies
  • Prison incarcerations
  • Sex offender status and details

Financial Record Check:

Certain jobs of a sensitive nature will require to pass through a background check to verify details from Consumer Reporting Agency i.e., Consumer Protection Financial Bureau. These agencies are experts in compiling info on bankruptcies, employment track, loans availed, evictions, delinquencies, etc

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!