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Arkansas Gun Law: What are Gun Laws in the State of Arkansas?

Gun laws in the state of Arkansas enable permits for concealed carry only to its residents. Background checks and training are needed to apply for new permits for firearms. Some of the counties in the state permit open carry of guns.

However, the law in Arkansas restricts similar weapon types, which are also banned in a majority of other American states. These include explosive devices, automatic assault rifles, and sawed-off shotguns. Apart from these, the state imposes very few restrictions on ownership of guns. An individual here does not have to go through a waiting period for buying firearms including handguns. At the same time, Arkansas does not need a gun permit for registering or purchasing handguns.

A permit is needed to hold a concealed handgun in Arkansas as mentioned earlier. It takes about 4 months to complete the entire process of an application when a detailed background check is conducted.

Purchasing guns and other firearms in the state is a smooth and fast process. However, an individual has to fulfill a few requirements for buying a gun. When a person purchases a firearm from their local guns store, the latter will conduct a thorough background check prior to selling the firearm to them. However, in case a person purchases a firearm from any private gun seller, there is no need to undergo a background check.

Arkansas Gun Law

Requirements to purchase a gun in Arkansas

  • Should be a minimum of 21-year-old or
  • A person should be at least 18-year-old if they are a part of National Guard or the armed forces of the United States
  • Should have been living in the state for the last three months
  • A person needs to be a legal resident or a citizen of America
  • Have gone through the concealed carry law of Arkansas
  • Was not a convict with the crime of holding a weapon within the last 5 years
  • Should have undergone an approved training class on firearms

The state does bit permit to carry a handgun about or on the person concealed or open in case it is intended to be used for an unlawful act such as like a weapon to harm a person.

However, the law is not applicable in the state if a person carries a gun in the following situations/circumstances.

Arkansas Gun Laws
Situations or circumstances a person can carry a handgun in Arkansas

  • In their own place of business or home. The place of business does not include any “vehicular business” like a motor vehicle or a cab used for mainly commercial activities.
  • They are carrying a gun to assist an armed forces member, correctional officer, or an enforcement officer for discharging official activities subsequent to their request or direction.
  • Can carry a handgun while participating in a hunting game under the rules of the Game & Fish Commission of the state of Arkansas. Alternatively, when a person is en route any hunting locality for attending a hunting game accompanied by a handgun.
  • Can carry a firearm while n a journey. At the same time, a person may not be allowed to carry his/her forearm beyond a security checkpoint at any commercial airport. Also, a firearm should be available at checked baggage unless no declared as a lawful weapon.
  • A firearm can be carried in a car or motor vehicle in case the holder of a gun has a valid license for traveling with a concealed weapon.

The amended gun law of 2013 in the state of Arkansas mentions that visible loaded firearms may be carried if there is no risk of causing any misdemeanor crime by a person on business or private property premises, which allow it but not on specific public properties.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 25, 2019
Sensitive Information!