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Eviction Laws and Eviction Records Search

Evictions in the US totaled 898,479 in 2016, and the eviction rate came to 2.34%. While the number may seem high, there were more eviction filings than actual evictions; in 2016, there were 2,350,042 eviction filings, which is 6.12%. Over the years, there has been a decrease in the number of eviction filings and evictions, and the information about evictions has also become a matter of public records. If you need to search for evictions records, they are now available to you in public records sites, such as GoLookUp.

What are Eviction Records?

The eviction process is a formal process that has to go through courts. First of all, landlords that want to evict their tenants have to file an official eviction request, notify the tenants, and get a civil judgment in the matter. So, evictions are registered as court records, and they become public records. The purpose of making eviction records public records is to allow landlords to check the history of potential tenants. So, if you want to check eviction records, you can easily find then public records directories.

Check Eviction Records
How to Search Eviction Records?

If you want to search eviction records, you can find them in court records and public records. A traditional search requires you to contact the courts where the eviction notice was filed, and pay for the search. You will also need to pay for the search and wait to get the results. The search may take up to several weeks, but you have an easier method for searching eviction records. The second method is to use a public records directory that will perform the eviction search for you.

GoLookUp provides full access to public records, so you can use the site to search an eviction record quickly and easily. To perform the search, you will need to enter the name of the person you are searching into the directory on the website. Within moments, you will get the search results about the person in question and discover if they have any evictions in their past.

What Are Some Famous Evictions That Happened Over the Years! 

It seems like evictions are a "regular" people problem, but there have been many celebrities that got evicted from their homes, and here are a few examples:

Gary Busey
In 2008, Gary Busey was evicted from his Malibu home after failing to pay the $50,000 in rent. He claimed that he left on his own will, but the bankruptcy he filed in 2012 proved otherwise.

Eviction Records
Jose Canseco
The former slugger was evicted from his home in Northridge, California after he fell behind on two months' rent.

Mary J. Blige
The famous songstress was slapped with an eviction notice on her New York condo after she could keep up with the rent due to money problems.

Amanda Bynes
Bynes was living in a midtown apartment in NYC when she was arrested and evicted after rolling up a joint in the lobby.

Basic Eviction Laws for Basic Crimes: Here is what You Should Know

The most important thing when it comes to evictions is to provide reason and notice to the tenants. If a landlord wants to evict tenants from his property, he must provide them with a written notice of the eviction. The notice can be given in person or posted on the door of the property. If the second option is used, the landlord must also send a mail notice of the eviction. Tenants are usually given 30/60 days to vacate the premises. There are several types of evictions, and the most common one is because of failure to pay. If the tenants did nothing wrong and they got an eviction notice, they can file a motion to stop the eviction, providing proof they did nothing wrong.

Evictions are a tricky subject, and they can affect a person's chances of getting a new place to live. To find out if you or someone you know have any evictions registered to your name, you can check eviction records online with GoLookUp.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 30, 2021
Sensitive Information!