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Colorado Free Background Check 

 Background checks in the state of Colorado are not free. All official background checks are sent to the Colorado Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Investigation. The BCI website accepts name-based checks at a charge of $6.85. There are a variety of checks possible and the most comprehensive one with fingerprinting and subsequent processing through various government information portals will ensure that all details for arrests and possible convictions at a nationwide level would be displayed all at a cost of approximately $50. A background check for an employer will be charged $26.50 while fingerprinting for any job that mandates a background check will be charged $48.50. An unofficial check, on the other hand, can be done at a very minimal cost and does not need Criminal Records History Information (CHRI) access.

Background checks are done by law enforcement agencies and social workers and they are also accessible to employers. Colorado permits any person to search criminal records on any fellow resident. Employers are also allowed access to public records to verify the details of any applicant.

Unofficial checks are possible by any person as a number of government organizations retain information that is available for the public. The public can get all the information about acquaintances, colleagues, foes, relations, and lovers among others.

Colorado Free Background Check
The Open Records Act ensures that the public is granted access to largely all information of state organizations, legislature, and court records. At the same time, there are also systems in place to restrict private and confidential details from being displayed.

The criminal history records of the state are maintained by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in the CHRI. This is collated with the help from reports from law enforcement agencies, incarceration records and arraignment reports from courts.

Background Check for Employment

Colorado mandates fingerprint checks for 64 different professions. These checks are completed through the Dept. of Public Safety, and the fingerprinting is done by a designated third party.

The professions include positions in the educational profession, housing facilities & children's homes and employment in professions related to marijuana.

The name-based search is considered inadequate for background checks for employment purposes as the possibility of erroneous data is high. Similar names could lead to the interchanging of reports of two different individuals.

Firearms Sales

All firearms sales in the state of Colorado require a background check. The purchase of all firearms necessarily need to be done from a licensed dealer with federal authorization. The state also mandates a permit for carrying concealed weapons which are issued by the office of the local sheriff after the necessary checks. However, some firearms have been banned and access to specific types of handguns is restricted. Guns capable of reloading more than 15 rounds are banned, however, a loaded handgun in a vehicle without a permit is allowed. People are allowed to openly carry guns without a permit, Denver, however, is an exception.

Criminal Background Checks

Job applicants in the finance, education or health care industries; those seeking to adopt, immigrate, join the military, planning international travel might have their records checked by authorities. They, therefore, would be well advised to check their criminal reports on their own to verify and if necessary, correct any inaccuracies. This can be done by getting in touch with the concerned law enforcement organization or authority responsible for maintaining the records to file a form with the relevant documents. Felons are also denied gun permits, votes, permission to run for office and are also considered ineligible for subsidized housing.

Sex crimes perpetrated by adults and child pornography are almost always revealed during a background check but non-violent misdemeanors and charges which did not lead to prosecution could be expunged.

Free Background Check Colorado

A criminal background search will include most convictions associated with fingerprints or under a name-based search. Driving history, credit records, out-of-state and vital records are not permitted to be included. The records returned on search are details on arrest and conviction, sentencing and case information which is active. Documents on any conviction are not available but can be accessed from the relevant court of law enforcement agency.

Court Records Available

While all court records are available for the public, the history of any court case is handled by a third party and can be accessed at a cost. Detailed documents may be made available on request through email to the Colorado State Dept. of Corrections. The documents, however, are not accessible online. A personal visit to the courthouse and a request to the court clerk will be necessary.

Arrest Records that show on a Background Report

Arrests not resulting in conviction, records from outside the state of Colorado of arrests & convictions and specific non-public records will not show on a background report. Federal officials, however, request that arrest or conviction data older than 7 years not be included by potential employers. Though the state does not have an upper limit on the retention of records some records might be expunged from the files.

  • Warrant information would not show but an active warrant can be determined on request.
  • DUI arrests that do not lead to convictions will not be reported while all DUI felonies and misdemeanors will be shown.
  • Arrests for drug & marijuana offenses will not show while convictions will be included.
  • Sex offenses are public data and can be identified through the offender registry search.
  • Probation will be included with convictions for the concerned crime. Expungement and sealing are possible upon sentence completion.
  • Mugshots will only be made available upon request to the concerned arresting agency.

Juvenile records will not be returned.

On occasions, a driving record might be sought by the relevant authority to show details of accidents and violations. This has to be requested from the relevant authority.

Companies dealing in mortgages, loan agencies, and other financial concerns might demand financial reports might request for loan status reports, bankruptcy and employment which could be requested from companies that file consumer reports.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!