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Delaware Domestic Abuse Laws and How to Get Help for Domestic Abuse

Do not tolerate Domestic Abuse. You could be a husband, a wife, a child, or a sibling, your relationship to the abuser doesn't matter. Report the incident. We are here to help you understand what constitutes domestic violence and Abuse in Delaware.
The definition is the same for the entire world.

Violence and abuse cannot be dolled up and presented as anything else. 
Domestic abuse is physical or sexual abuse inflicted on a spouse or lover. It also includes threats to physical or sexual abuse. 
Domestic abuse also includes physical or sexual abuse or threats made to a child by a parent, a guardian, or any other adult who has been living in or sharing the house.

Delaware Domestic Abuse Laws:

In Delaware committing any of the below crime is considered to be a Domestic Abuse.

  • Deliberately causing or attempting to cause sexual offense or physical injury to a family member or a lover.
  • Deliberately threatening a family member or lover and placing them in reasonable apprehension of a sexual offense or physical injury.
  • Deliberately taking someone's property, damaging it, or destroying it.
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  • A person behaving in a frightening or distressing manner could cause the family member to fear the person. Or might lead to emotional distress or violent response.
  • When a person trespasses on the property of the family member, even when the court has ordered against it.
  • Abusing a child.
  • Keeping a family member imprisoned unlawfully, kidnapping them, or meddling with the custody or even dominating them is abuse.
  • And other behaviors that a reasonable person would find harmful or threatening.
Proper implementation of the Domestic Abuse Laws has made Delaware a safer place to live in. 
We have shared some data from the Domestic Abuse Statistics report made by the Delaware Criminal Justice Information System.

Delaware Domestic Abuse Statistics

In 2018, 23,125 criminal and non-criminal domestic violence incidents were reported in the state of Delaware. 
Criminal domestic violence is when a crime is committed or alleged. 
Non-criminal domestic violence are reported verbal arguments. 
In 2018, 12,961 domestic violence cases were reported. Out of those 1,755 people were suffered physical injury.

According to the statistics:

  • 30% of domestic violence incidents had some prior police involvement
  • 36% involved a violent act
  • 51% resulted in the arrest of the abuser
  • And children were present at 26% domestic violence incidents

How To Get Help for Domestic Abuse in Delaware?

The Delaware Domestic Abuse Laws provide the victim of abuse with a voice. 
Domestic Abusers might seem like a cruel label but if it fits a person, get help. The law is on your side. Be brave enough to take the step for yourself and your children. For an emergency Call 911, you can even send text messages to 911 if your call doesn’t connect.

Delaware Domestic Abuse Laws

Delaware Police Department:

But if you want to speak to the Delaware Police Department at +1 740-203-1111. The Delaware Police Department's address is 70 N Union St # 2, Delaware.Website:
We have found two social services organizations in Delaware that can help you.

DE Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

To contact them dial +1 302-658-2958. Their website is
You can find information about the local domestic violence programs here. 
You can find them at the address 100 W 10th St #903, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States.

Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County:

The hotline number for the Domestic Abuse project is (610) 565-4590.
To contact them dial +1 610-565-6272
Their website is

You can find them at the address 14 West Second Street, Media, PA 19063. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 3 pm. Domestic violence survivors can petition the court for a restraining order. When you get a restraining order against a person, they have to follow the provisions in the court order. If the person violates the restraining order, then he/she can be arrested.

Restraining order provisions include the following. Custody of your children, no abuse, child support, the abuser has to surrender his/her firearms, and the victim can live in the house with kids exclusively. Please contact the social service organizations or the police department to get help and learn more.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!