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How to Obtain a Free Background Check in the State of Delaware?

A background check for any individual comprises verification of identity, education, employment history, health (physical, mental and financial) criminal records and/or Motor Vehicle Record (MVR). While identity, qualifications and previous employment can be easily verifiable; medical records, criminal records, and MVR are usually classified as public records with restricted access.

Individuals are usually more willing to disclose their medical records and MVR and so, criminal records emerge as the most critical part of background checks. In the State of Delaware, an official background check of criminal history can be ordered from the Delaware State Police (DSP). If the applicant is a private school located in Delaware, they may pursue the State Bureau of Identification (SBI) for background verifications.

Delaware Free Background Check

Procedure for a free background check in Delaware

People can opt for an official or unofficial background check, depending on their requirements. It is best to know the advantages and reasons for either choice. In case of an official background check:

1. Applicants get all information compiled in one order in an easy to understand standardized format.

2. Applicant accesses or possesses a Government record, consequent to validation by Government agencies and the foremost document of reference pertaining to the information on any individual, superseding all non-government sources. Errors in Government records can only be rectified by submission of other Government Records, scientific verification (such as medical and genealogical tests), prescribed requirements for correction or order by Court.

3. The certified copy is deemed to an official document with legal standing, which is sufficient for all purposes of background verification and legal recourse.

4. The applicant can use it as intended i.e. a submission towards pursuance of employment, tenancy, loan, insurance, etc.

5. The applicant is not liable for any errors on record unless found to be the willing source of misinformation that could not be detected by governing procedures, laws and authorities.

6. The State of Delaware discloses partial records to third party civilian applicants and restricts access of complete records to the individual who is the primary subject of the record or the competent Law Enforcement Agencies. Any such disclosures but the State, do not qualify as an intrusion on privacy unless explicitly proven.

7. An applicant has to simply submit the prescribed form with all correct entries, necessary documents and a fee of $52 for a statewide background check or $65 for a Federal background check. One does not have to invest time and effort in aggregating information about another individual.

In case of an unofficial background check:

  • Anyone can be a researcher since he/she does not need to qualify eligibility criteria, seek consent or authorization from the individual under scrutiny to access his/her record or submit one’s own details as an applicant. For example, in Delaware (A “Ban the Box” State), employers are mandated to conduct the first interview of potential employees before inquiring about their criminal record. In such a case, employers may conduct an unofficial check before the interview and determine whether or not to conduct the interview.
  • No payments required.
  • Waiting time is only as long as the research time, which can be compressed into a few hours.
  • No need to hire investigators, one can do it in-house.
Free Background Check Delaware

An unofficial verification can be done in the following manner.

1. Start with Court Records: They contain the entire history of an individual regarding criminal offenses, summons, civil offenses, driving violations, family matters such as marriage/divorce/alimony/custody, etc and in some cases, tax violations and loan defaults. Court records can be accessed from the Administrative Office of Courts or Court Connect.

2. Collate with Inmate Records and Sex Offender’s Registry: If one discovers records of criminal trials in court records, they can be collated with freely available inmate records on the website of Department of Corrections. These records also carry the photograph of the inmate as well as other physical descriptors whereas the Sex Offender’s Registry also carries the latest place of residence of the individual under scrutiny.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!