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Everything You Need to Know About Employment Background Checks

Nearly every person who has looked for a new job in the past two decades is aware of the employment background check, but do you know why employers use it? An employee background check is a very common practice in the workforce, so it is vital that you know what it's about, and how employee background checks work.

What is Employment Background Check?

An employee background check is a check that allows employees to find out whether prospective employees are telling the truth in their CV. Also, employee background checks give employers access to the criminal information and allow them to find out if someone they are considering hiring has a criminal record. It is estimated that 40% of all job applicants lie in some way on their CVs, so employers perform checks on them to learn if they are telling the truth.

While a criminal record is not a reason for disqualifying a person from a job, it is important for employers to know the truth about candidates' past. There are some jobs that require a government security clearance, and that is why some employees perform a background check.

Employment Background Check
Other positions that require a criminal record check are those that involve money, such as accounting, and other financial positions. In any case and for whatever reason it may be, employers must ask work candidates for permission to perform an employee background check. To get the permission, candidates fill out a consent form the employers can use.

Aside from criminal data, an employee background check can reveal previous employment experience, as well as education information. Certain employee background checks also reveal financial records, and all the data gathered in these background check reports reveals whether or not candidates have told the truth on their resumes.


How Does Employment Background Check Work?

Usually, employees hire a third-party firm to conduct a background check on people during their hiring process. By providing background check service providers with identifying details about prospective candidates, employers can find out all the information you need.

The third-party companies that perform the checks contact authorities that hold public records, and ask them to provide details about the name employers gave them. Once the search process is complete, employers receive a full background check report about the people they have questions about and proceed with the employment process.

What is Employment Background Check
Discovering the Information in An Employee Background Check

While the great majority of employee background check reports are accurate, some of them may contain errors. If you want to find out the data that such a check reveals about you, you can perform a background check on yourself by using GoLookUp.

To get a full and a professional background check report, you will need to enter your name into GoLookUp's background check directory. Once you do so, the search engine on the website will scan millions of public records and provide you with a report about yourself.

The report will include your detailed histories, such as criminal records, education, employment history, aliases, current contact information, drug-related arrests, and more. If you spot any inaccuracies with the information in your background check, you can request to correct the data. You can also let employers know that you are in the process of having the data corrected so that they will become aware of the situation, and the information they might find is not 100% accurate.

Employee background checks are very important to employers who want to find out if job candidates are telling the truth about themselves in their resumes. If you want to perform a background check in your name and make sure all the data about you is correct, use GoLookUp's background check directory that will provide you with answers in minutes.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 23, 2019
Sensitive Information!